Saturday, 14 November 2009


This time last year we went with 4 friends on a road holiday around a very small part of your wonderful country and I thought that I must be able to find some pink amongst my photos somewhere.

Here goes : we landed  in Las Vegas and after a night in a pretty awful (cheap) casino we set off through the Zion National Park.


This photo made me giggle as we had just passed a herd of buffalo – poor things.


Now I admit to stretching the “pink “ theme a bit far here but the lights are pink……ish! Mike & Barry trying on hats in an Indian shop.


Stopped for coffee in this shabby non chic cafe which had pink walls behind all the clutter.The bathroom was a REAL bathroom with a tub, basin and toilet.


Our first sight of those magnificent pink rocks. We were to see thousands more at Bryce Canyon.


A magnificent natural arch.


This was Rainbow Point elevation 9115 feet above sea level & c c c c cold!


Several hundred miles later we found ourselves in a pretty little town but I cannot remember the name. It is well known as an artists' colony. SEDONA, THAT WAS THE NAME everything  comes to those who wait



Another little gem – Tubac full of little boutiques selling metal ornaments, clay pots – highly decorated and beautiful garden furniture.


Sun set over Tucson.



Pretty pink bougainvillea outside  our hotel in Palm Springs


And more.


  1. What a fun trip. A lot to see. Thank you for sharing!
    Happy pinks today..xo Tami

  2. thanks for taking us along!...
    beautiful out there!
    happy Pink saturday to you!

  3. Didn't realize you and and Mike visited all those places during last year's trip over - so glad you got to see some of America's natural beauty. We love Zion and Bryce......and the sunset over Sedona is breathtaking!

    We're in a wet spell (feels just like Devon!) thanks to the tropical storm that's taken 4 days to pass by - garden is a sodden mass of fallen leaves - night temps. are cooling off and we will have our first fire this weekend. I love long as there's no ice!

    Love to all.

  4. What a wonderful series of photos for Pink Saturday. Those rock formations are amazingly beautiful.
    Thanks for your visit.
    Have a nice weekend!

  5. What wonderful photos. I love the desert and your pictures really tugged at my heart strings. I hope you are having a wonderful Pink Saturday.

  6. Your pinks are wonderful...that sunset is just gorgeous. Beautiful pictures and thank you for sharing. Happy Pink Saturday,have a lovely weekend.

  7. Looks like a fun trip. Amazing canyon photos. Thanks for sharing. Happy PS

  8. We drove from Texas to California a few years ago. It was breathtakingly beautiful! I had done the trip a couple of times before, but never really appreciated it like the last time.

    Happy Pink Saturday!

    Be sure to stop by to enter my gift certificate giveaway! Leave a comment so I know you were there!

  9. Oh you just can't beat Sedona with all that gorgeous red rock, beautiful place and lots and lots of artwork too, Happy Pink Saturday, Char


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