Wednesday, 25 April 2012


boscombe poole 001

The men were racing their remote control boats on an enormous lake.

We parked the car near the harbour and had a lovely mooch around in the sunshine.

boscombe poole 007boscombe poole 010

boscombe poole 017boscombe poole 011

We drooled over the Gin palaces being built across the water – this will do nicely

boscombe poole 009

boscombe poole 014

Then after getting caught up in an horrendous traffic jam we ended up having lunch al fresco at Boscombe.

boscombe poole 021boscombe poole 020

As I was chief photographer I did not get to eat!

Then we walked along the prom where many people were sun bathing and some brave souls in the sea

boscombe poole 024boscombe poole 040

Some very swish property has been built on the front and some slightly more utilitarian but colourful.

boscombe poole 029boscombe poole 033

Mike and the others walked up the hill to get the car, I sat and waited here and discovered I had lost my cardigan! Grr!

boscombe poole 045boscombe poole 043

When I got in the car and said I had lost my cardigan – Lynne, the energetic one amongst us jumped out and ran back along the prom. She found it in a heap covered in sand.

When I looked at my photos -

boscombe poole 038boscombe poole 038

I could SEE IT! Next to the kids bikes where I photographed them.

Another lovely day with lovely friends in lovely weather. Great.


Tuesday, 24 April 2012


Our good friends Lynne & Barry are renting an apartment in Sandbanks for the winter before returning to Spain.

The weather forecast was brilliant; I was over the latest virus so ……………. off we jolly well went to Dorset for a few days.

We made good time, traffic was light on the A35 and then – Mrs Tom Tom got her knickers in a twist. When we had done as directed and turned right three times we just knew we were on the wrong road. Sure enough we passed the same pub three times.

Eventually she got it right and we started heading down towards the sea but …………….. we ended up in Poole city centre! O No! So much for modern technology – where’s the map I shouted.

Retracing our steps we had previously ignored a ”No Entry” exit off the roundabout so this time we counted it in – One, Two, take the third exit . Hurray, back on track and heading  across  the narrow spit between the sea and the lake.

After a light lunch we all crossed the road with bus passes in hand and climbed on the open decker bus to Swanage.



Here we are waiting for the Ferry.

bournemouth 030

bournemouth 033

This reminded me of the Florida Keys

bournemouth 034

A very nice hotel

bournemouth 035

From the top of the bus we had lovely views especially of some very nice properties which you would not see from a car.

bournemouth 036

Swanage centre.

When we pulled into the bus station there was an enormous queue waiting to get on. Bearing in mind there is only one bus an hour we thought we would stay on it rather than get off and then have to queue for the next one which would probably be much bigger. We asked the deriver if we could stay on as Lynne was feeling ill but he was having none of it. You HAVE o get off – no exceptions. Guess he’s heard it all before!

I’m glad we did get off as we discovered a charming Railway Station with Steam & Diesel Trains.

bournemouth 037

bournemouth 039

bournemouth 040

Looking through the Waiting Room we could see that the queue had not moved. “Lets join it “ says Barry. bournemouth 041“We might be lucky and get on”…………………….

Slowly, very slowly we moved forward but it looked hopeless. We got within a few paces of the door but by now we could see people standing in the isle. Never mind, we will sit on a seat and have a cup of tea whilst we wait fro the next one I was thinking when Mike pushed me forward and there we all were – on the bus and with enough room to breathe. Reminded me of the Underground without the sweaty arm pits.

But wait, that was not all – at the second Stop two ladies got off right beside us so Barry & I took our seats. Lynne & Mike were also lucky at the next Stop and we rode home in style.

After a lovely meal and catching up we all headed for bed about Ten. We Are getting old ?

Next day we went out for the day travelling around – hugging the coast as we headed north

bournemouth 043

Passing Barton on Sea and Milford on Sea – pretty old fashioned seaside resorts.

bournemouth 047

We found ourselves on Hurst Spit – a long built up causeway leading to Hurst Castle.

bournemouth 061

bournemouth 054bournemouth 055

The isle of White in the distance

bournemouth 058bournemouth 056

Then on to Lymington and lunch down by the harbour surrounded by the noisiest gulls we have ever heard. Smaller than to herring gull I think they were  black headed gulls.

bournemouth 063

Then on towards Bucklers Hard we stopped off for a refreshing drink in the sunshine at this rather smart pub.

bournemouth 067

Arriving at Bucklers Hard we were upset to find there was a charge to go down to the river of £7 each! Having been there many years before we decided to give it a miss. Charging to see our natural heritage is something which makes me very cross.

It is very picturesque and is used in many period films and TV shows.

We encountered several donkeys grazing on the sides of the lanes and wondered where they had come from.

bournemouth 069

It all became clear r when we drove into the beautiful village of Beaulieu – donkeys roaming free everywhere.

bournemouth 085

bournemouth 087bournemouth 090

Water water everywhere -

bournemouth 079bournemouth 092

bournemouth 097bournemouth 094

bournemouth 104bournemouth 107

Some interesting shops in the village

bournemouth 114bournemouth 109

bournemouth 110bournemouth 111

And finally a few vintage cars which the boys drooled over -

bournemouth 074bournemouth 072

Then home to bed.