Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Out To Lunch In Brixham

The boys’ Dad is now working at a new Restaurant in Brixham so we all went over for lunch on Saturday.

Here it is from the back – looking very smart.

brixham  phe 003

It is right on the Quay – a lovely position on a warm summer day.

brixham  phe 009

A  rather swish glass balcony off the main restaurant  looks very inviting.

brixham  phe 011

Rob the Head Chef.

brixham  phe 012

Whilst waiting for our meal Toby and Phoebe went off to explore.

brixham  phe 014

Ready and waiting for her burger and chips.

brixham  phe 015

An arty shot of through the doorway.

brixham  phe 017


Monday, 12 September 2011

A trip to Dartmoor

Despite being threatened with the tail-end of a hurricane the morning was quite bright even if a little windy. We treated ourselves to bacon sandwiches and, as we would not want lunch (!) we decided to go up on the Moor. A banana  for me and an apple for Mike was thrown in a carrier bag with a bottle of water.

We drove through Newton Abbot to Bovey Tracey and then up to Haytor. Lots of people in the car park and several climbing up the Tor. We used to do it regularly with the dogs and discovered a large pond just behind the Tor where Brandy loved to swim. There is also the remains of an old railway line which carried the granite down to the river Teign to be put on ships and carried far, far away.

As I cannot walk up hills anymore we drove on but stopped in a lay-by to view the view.

dartmoor 010

Looking back towards the coast there were blue skies with fluffy cotton wool clouds and despite the wind it was quite warm.

dartmoor 014

Looking North – East even less cloud and the promise of a lovely afternoon.dartmoor 015

Perhaps not, clouds were getting bigger and darker to the North. There appeared to be caravans and other vehicles parked on the ridge in the distance. Sadly, too far to identify.

Some more beautiful skies.

dartmoor 016

dartmoor 018

We drove on to Widecombe In The Moor, very famous and attracts loads of visitors but nothing much there. A larger than average Church, a couple of pubs and a large village green.( This is not my photo).


Of course there is Widecombe Fair this coming Tuesday - £10 to park a car in a field. Small price to pay I suppose to see –:

Bill Brewer, Jan Stewer, Peter Gurney Peter Day, Daniel Whiddon, Harry Hawk Old uncle Tom Cobley and all………………

We drove past the pub in the village and took a left turn onto a narrow lane and ended up at The Rugglrstone Inn. One of the prettiest inns I have ever seen.


It really is that pretty and a very good menu too.

dartmoor 025

Chickens and geese roam around free and some of the chickens are very unusual.

dartmoor 023

dartmoor 024

You may remember we were not going to eat lunch. Umm, we ordered two halves of shandy and just needed a little something to soak it up.

A hot pork  bap with stuffing and apple sauce called out to us and it seemed rude to refuse.

It was fabulous; the pork , slow roasted, melted in the mouth, The sage and onion stuffing was delicious and the bap was toasted. a very nice touch. Real Ales are served too which pleases Mike and his friend Barry. They love to sample different ones.

Dinner will be delayed by at least two hours.

We then decided to cross the Moor to Badgers Holt  and intended to walk beside the river.

There is a very large car park and recent additions of many small animals. However, I headed straight to the river where it tumbles at quite a speed over the stones and boulders creating it’s own tune.

dartmoor 026 


dartmoor 027

See how clear the water is despite the fact it is coloured brown. Harmless as far as I know.

dartmoor 029

Signs of Autumn already showing in the yellowing leaves on the trees on the opposite bank.


Also along the bank were several clumps of bamboo – 15 to 20 feet high. A relatively new addition to the English flora. Moe like an invader I’m afraid.

As we walked up the valley there were numerous animal pens containing goats, pot belly pigs, geese, turkeys, rabbits and several different types of chickens.

Really does not go with the surroundings but I suppose some see it as an attraction to families.

I took a few photos but as there was netting etc. over the pens they don’t look too good. Best left out I think.


These are the animal you come to see on the moor – ponies.

This one was very tame and he enjoyed Mike’s apple

dartmoor 046

dartmoor 048

As the weather closed in we headed for home

dartmoor 052

Past the newly grown heather and gorse

dartmoor 054

Stopping every few minutes to allow other cars through

dartmoor 058

dartmoor 056

Slowly descending down from the Moor to the lush tree lined roads below

dartmoor 057

dartmoor 062

And home for dinner.


Sunday, 4 September 2011

Bloody Depression

Over the last few weeks I have been feeling more and more unwell and this is mainly due to the Whooping Cough I think, it has made us both very rundown and we are still coughing

Add to that the family problems which have dominated our lives over the last three months; My painful feet and the inability to now wear ANY shoes and my breathing is very laboured as I cannot take my inhaler. Energy levels are in the minus region and tears are always there ready to fall.

I wrote this poem this morning & thought I would share it with anyone who looks in.


Even in sleep I cannot find peace.

My mind is full of images I don’t want to see.

Also full of sounds I don’t want to hear.

Just let me sleep, sink into the soft blackness; be enveloped in the swirling liquid waters of tranquillity.

I don’t want to be awake. It is too painful.

Jumbled thoughts and worries going round and round.

Always growing, getting bigger. Like pebbles rolling, growing

Into boulders. Boulders which block the way.

Boulders which block the light.

There’s no escape. I’m trapped.

All I can do is repeat my mantra-

It will pass. It will pass.

Eventually it will pass.

It always does. You know it does.

What’s that? That voice deep in my head?

What are you saying?

Yes, I know – it just may not pass this time.

And then what?

Strangely, I have done a few drawings recently, three for a competition I enter every month. It does help to release the tension and dispels some of the blacker thoughts.

The subject this month was – “Eye Spy with my Little Eye” A scene through a window.

Here they are :-

I spy a prisoner.

                        THE PRISONER


Our Deck


Calpe balcony


In addition, school starts again tomorrow and Toby will be off to St, Cuthbert Mayne’s in Torquay. This means that we will not see him anywhere near so frequently, he will not be sleeping over and having his breakfast of Beans and scrambled eggs with Mike each morning. He will not be coming after school to enjoy his cup of tea and umpteen biscuits whilst he watches some American teen rubbish on TV. We are going to miss him so much.

Cheers Toby, wishing you lots of joy and happiness in your new school.


pink  heart png

Thursday, 1 September 2011


In my previous post I reminisced over my teenage years and this brought up comparisons in my head with todays teenagers.

If you transported my 15 year old grandson back to 1959 he would think he was in The Dark Ages.

We did have a TV –  only one, black and white and a very small screen  with two channels BBC and ITV.

He has a TV in his room connected to Sky so his choice of programmes are numerous.

We did not have a car or a telephone – I had to walk to the phone box to contact friends if they were on the phone.

His mother and father have cars and there is a phone in the home with two extensions plus he has his own mobile. This is his lifeline to his friends and they contact each other umpteen times a day.

No electronic games or videos or computers. No junk food such as Macdonalds or Kentucky.

No School holidays abroad – Olli went to Sweden last year and it cost a  fortune!

No lifts to school – walked or caught a bus.

No themed birthday parties or School proms.

What we never had we could not miss but despite the children of today having SO much – are they happier or more fulfilled – NO.

They constantly complain of being bored, nothing to do, nowhere to go etc. Incapable ,in the main, of amusing themselves without it costing money – mega money at that.

One thing that hasn’t changed much is teenage fashion – or lack of it depending on how old you are!

In my previous post I drew some typical teenagers to illustrate my youth.

Here is todays youth -


Note the baggie jeans around the bum and the almost naked girl. OK, I know she looks odd, figure drawing isn’t my forte but you get the idea.

Now 67 would I want to change places with the youth of today? No. Despite all the material things they have they are facing such enormous pressure at school and then in the workplace that I worry how they will cope.  I know that is a sweeping generalisation as there will be those who are able to cope but, in the main, we are producing young adults badly equipped for the challenges of tomorrow.

I hope I’m wrong!