Thursday, 1 September 2011


In my previous post I reminisced over my teenage years and this brought up comparisons in my head with todays teenagers.

If you transported my 15 year old grandson back to 1959 he would think he was in The Dark Ages.

We did have a TV –  only one, black and white and a very small screen  with two channels BBC and ITV.

He has a TV in his room connected to Sky so his choice of programmes are numerous.

We did not have a car or a telephone – I had to walk to the phone box to contact friends if they were on the phone.

His mother and father have cars and there is a phone in the home with two extensions plus he has his own mobile. This is his lifeline to his friends and they contact each other umpteen times a day.

No electronic games or videos or computers. No junk food such as Macdonalds or Kentucky.

No School holidays abroad – Olli went to Sweden last year and it cost a  fortune!

No lifts to school – walked or caught a bus.

No themed birthday parties or School proms.

What we never had we could not miss but despite the children of today having SO much – are they happier or more fulfilled – NO.

They constantly complain of being bored, nothing to do, nowhere to go etc. Incapable ,in the main, of amusing themselves without it costing money – mega money at that.

One thing that hasn’t changed much is teenage fashion – or lack of it depending on how old you are!

In my previous post I drew some typical teenagers to illustrate my youth.

Here is todays youth -


Note the baggie jeans around the bum and the almost naked girl. OK, I know she looks odd, figure drawing isn’t my forte but you get the idea.

Now 67 would I want to change places with the youth of today? No. Despite all the material things they have they are facing such enormous pressure at school and then in the workplace that I worry how they will cope.  I know that is a sweeping generalisation as there will be those who are able to cope but, in the main, we are producing young adults badly equipped for the challenges of tomorrow.

I hope I’m wrong!


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