Monday, 29 June 2009


As you all know, I am very new to blogging and it’s very much trial and error,error,error!

I keep discovering new things and I have only just discovered all your comments!

I have no idea why they are tucked away on the edit board but – hey ho, it’s just wonderful to think you have seen my stuff and I’m so pleased you took the time to leave a comment. Big apologies to Mary Across the pond in particular – another e-mail on it’s way sweetheart.


Summervale – Our Home

It is coming up to the eighth anniversary of our move to this house – almost a record. The only place we lived longer was Shorton Road. When we viewed this property I had made up my mind as soon as I saw the garden. viewFirst was the view over the town to the sea..We back on to a large woodland with distant views of the bay. It is peaceful and quiet apart from the bird song. A favourite pastime is watching the buzzards soar overhead looking for their next meal.

house 3

The house faces south to take in the view so it is the rear of the property you see as you come down the drive. We (yes, the Royal WE) added the dormer to make two large bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs.


There is a large carport on the side of the garage which houses a lot of my gardening paraphernalia and loads of rubbish too but it’s handy to park the car there when it’s raining. Keeps us dry.


Through the carport and turn right you come to the back patio outside the kitchen. This is where I feed the birds, hang my washing and where we sit for coffee on windier days.


Looking south from the patio you can just see the ponds which is where I meditate and is very special.

P1000478 6x4

At this time of year it is full of beautiful damsel flies looking to mate and lay eggs on the lily pads


The rear garden is mainly shrubs all of which seem to flower in Spring giving a welcome splash of colour after the grey winter.

hot july day

Our favourite area is the deck which runs the length of the house and catches the sun from morning til night.


We live out here in the summer and I cannot think of anywhere I would rather be on a warm sunny summer’s day. Just like today.

Time now to go and enjoy the view with a glass of red wine. Come with me – it’s HEAVEN.


Friday, 26 June 2009


I can’t remember the last time I bought a card.

I love making very personal cards for friends and family which they love receiving ( well, that’s what they tell me).

Trouble is there are times when I get really busy and this month has been one of those times.

7th June – Emma’s birthday


A mixture of her favourite daisies and fairies.

10th June – Anna & Rob got married – here they are with JJ as the bridesmaid

anna rob

14th June – Christine & Andrew got engaged

chris & andrew

A Diamond Wedding – 60 years , how wonderful



19th June – Rob & Lindsey got a new house

rob lindsey

He’s a chef & she’s a dinner lady – did you guess?

One of my Favourites is this tulip -

farewell rachel

A friend celebrating a new hip


Thursday, 25 June 2009


It's that time of year when I fight my other half for the big cumfy chair in front of the wide screen TV. Normally, I'm not bothered but Wimbledon is my all time favourite sporting event and to sit in absolute comfort, feet up, with a glass of merlot or shiraz in one hand and some cashew nuts in the other is my idea of heaven. I am currently watching Andy Murray playing Gulbis and, although it's a bit onesided ( Murray's side) it is beautiful tennis. Grace, power and a good natured crowd makes a lovely summer specatacle. McEnroe is commentating and is as blunt and cynical as they come but very entertaining to listen to. It is obvious that he has a poor impression of Gulbis who has just hit his first successful drop shot after umpteen attempts.
Two sets to Murray.
And then it was - Game, Set & Match
6 : 2, 7: 5, 6 : 3. E a s y !!!

Monday, 22 June 2009

Where to Begin?

As I have already uploaded my Desert picture I will continue with that theme. I just love colour - content comes second with most of my work.

This one is titled - Three Trees + one

Continuing the African Theme - Celebration

Market Place

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Jeanni Says Hi!

As I spend so much time on my laptop creating various works of art and friends say -

You should publish ( kind friends that they are) I thought I could upload some bits & pieces to see if there is any interest.

Not that I'm bothered as I just love digital art and find it so expressive.

This is a drawing of my baby grand daughter.

I started several years ago manipulating photos mainly of flowers and then progressed to landscapes and seascapes.

Since then I have tried many different subjects and I get a real kick out of making personal, sometimes VERY personal, cards for my friends and family.

These are sometimes painted or drawn, cartoon like and seem to give a lot of pleasure to the recipients.

That is all I ask - I don't do it for money I do it out of love and affection for those around me who have supported in many different ways over the years.

If you see anything you like, want me to do a personal card or picture just for you - please let me know.

In addition, if you have some constructive criticsm - shout it loud & clear. I'm big enough & ugly enough to take it - I hope!