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Room 8013 on the starboard side of deck 8. A long way down the corridor from the lift we had taken but we were pleased to find that there were more lifts fairly close to our room but not too close.
First impressions – smaller than The Independence obviously , not so bright and brash – more conservative and classy. The room looked smaller than I imagined but having a balcony it was light and bright although the artwork was unappealing. The first thing I noticed – no tea or coffee – I cannot believe in this day and age it is not standard and it reminded us of our early visits to America where you had to get cold drinks form vending machines in the corridors.
Yes, there is 24 hour room service but that is not as convenient as having the facility in your room to make a drink when you want one. BLACK MARK HAL!
We had a wander around the boat and was impressed with the pool area which can be covered, the Lido restaurant serving everything imaginable and so many staff everywhere.
Eurodam 003Eurodam 005
Eurodam 016Eurodam 015
We left Dover just after 5 and waved goodbye to the White Cliffs – until we meet again -
Eurodam 013Eurodam 012
There is a fabulous spa pool but it cost $199 for the length of the voyage – a photo will have to suffice!
Eurodam 008Eurodam 007
We had booked early dinner which started at 5.30 so we had just enough time for a quick beer and then back to our room for a wash and brush up. Our luggage had been delivered but no time to unpack and change – too tired anyway to be honest.
The dining room is beautiful and there are several different layers which mean that despite it catering for a huge number there are quite a few intimate areas. We have a table for two, right in the centre of the dining room but it is a circular area, divided from the rest and only has 5 tables for 2 people. VERY NICE.
The Menu :
Wow, FOUR courses – good job I bought my fat clothes!
1st. course – I had crab and shrimp with avocado & Mike had citrusy fruits.
2nd course  - I had smoked salmon with pear salad and Mike had butternut squash soup.
3rd course – I had roast chicken with corn stuffing and Mike had Prime rib.
4th. course – I had to try the chocolate and raspberry torte and Mike had pineapple something or other.
Finally coffee. All fabulous – no criticism whatsoever. Service fast and efficient.
Needless to say I did order a bottle of red – you would not expect less of me would you. The wine list is comprehensive and it is expensive but there are a couple of reds under $30 which isn’t too bad if a bottle lasts me two days. I ordered a South African Shiraz and it was very nice. Yes, there is some left for tomorrow.
After another walk around the boat, checking out the BBQ on the Lido deck, we went off to bed as we were both very tired. It was a bad night, we both coughed and coughed and were wide awake at 3 so we ordered tea ( like you do) It has to be the worst tea I have ever tasted so I will be on decaf for the remaining voyage.
Mike was up and dressed by 5 ( the clocks had gone on an hour) and he went walkabout. I eventually dropped off and was woken up by breakfast arriving. It was OK but tomorrow I will go to the restaurant.
Well, it is now 10.11a.m Mike is upstairs somewhere reading. the cleaners have knocked twice to do this room so I had better shut the lid on my laptop and get moving.
More to come later,
Another day in Paradise draws to a close. A lazy day after our bad night but no less enjoyable.
More decks to explore, more things to see and before we knew it it was lunch time. The menu in the Restaurant was far more appealing to me so we had a table for two and restricted ourselves to 2 course. Mike had fruit followed by an open steak sandwich & I had gazpachio soup and the sandwich. OMG! The open sandwich was half a loaf of foccachio bread EACH, enclosing slices of steak and onions in a a very tasty sauce. We ditched the bread, even though it was delicious and just had the steak and a few chips. No dessert – just coffee.
We had a Cruise Critics meeting at 1 in the Crows nest but, trying to chat with everyone made us both cough badly so we made our excuses and left. Wished we had done the tour of the galley but it wasn’t to be. Back to our room where I watched some fabulous women's’ tennis and dozed a bit.
Far too soon it was 5-30 and a formal dinner – OUCH!
We slipped into our finery and made the dining room before 6. Had only 2 courses, one of which was surf and turf! Eat your hearts out boys and girls – a whole lobster thermidor tail and a filet mignon steak. Washed down by the remaining bottle of red – very, very nice.
The theatre show started at 7 but we crept in a bit late – all singing all dancing show – not bad and finished by 8 Perfect – JJ in bed before 9!
A couple of photos before I go to bed of passing ships to show you the nice calm sea and still quite warm -

Eurodam 027Eurodam 026
Night night. Tomorrow – Wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen.

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