Sunday, 31 July 2011

Post Whooping Cough

After five weeks of feeling pretty rough we were both beginning to go stir crazy. I’m pleased to report that during the day we are almost back to normal ( no cheap jokes please) but night time is still dreaded. Mike is worse than me and his coughing fits are longer and more severe than mine. It's a good job he can get by on little sleep.
Our normally pristine bed looks a mess as we both have 5 pillows  and the satin throw has been thrown into a cupboard for fear of spoiling it.
totnes 062
However, we have ventured out twice this week, a trip to Brixham and a trip to Totnes.
First Brixham, a picturesque fishing town – the busiest in the country. There has been a lot of controversy about this building on the quay as to what it should be used for. Currently undergoing renovations it now looks more in keeping with the other buildings.brixham 004
The pirate ship is a big attraction and Brixham now has an annual Pirates Day in April bringing in much needed business.
brixham 001
The old fish market now provides shelter for people and cars and provides an excellent venue for many different entertainments such as the Brixham Orpheus Male Choir
brixham 005

Next Engagement

Brixham Orpheus Male Choir

When: Next Wednesday, 3rdAugust at 8:00pm
Where: Old Fish Quay, Brixham
Event: Quay concert; collection for Salvation Army

brixham 012
CLAWS  - a seafood restaurant favoured by my friend Mary from America. The food looked delicious so we intend to go back soon for lunch. Fresh crab sandwiches can’t be beaten.
brixham 014Umm, Blue lobster pots? Guess they can’t be seen in the water.
Are lobsters colour blind?

The very smart, new fish market
brixham 015
One of several murals on the outside which I admired.
brixham 017
Past the fish market there is a pathway leading to Freshwater where there are several private boats moored and a car park which few visitors know about. Note the typical English Summer sky.
brixham 018
I paddled on the slipway and it was absolutely freezing but, enjoyable once your feet got used to it.
A slow walk back around the harbour to the car and our first outing was over.
brixham 009
Actually, we set off for Marldon Apple Pie Fair but it was impossible to park anywhere near and , as we didn’t feel like hiking up and down the lanes we followed our noses and ended up in Totnes. I often wonder just how many miles of lanes there are between Paignton and Totnes – quite a few I reckon.
We drove down to the end of the quay as it is a gentle walk along side the river.
totnes 002
The tide was out.
totnes 003
We used to walk here a lot with Sam and we thought that, had he been with us he would have been in the water like a shot. Somewhere I have a picture I did of him in the river Dart – here it is.
There is a meadow which runs alongside the river and I took several photos of the wild flowers
totnes 014
totnes 008
totnes 012
totnes 013
totnes 018
Blackberries almost ready to pick
totnes 001
Trees ladened with conkers
totnes 011
On to the river to walk the tow path back to the car park
totnes 021
totnes 027
I fancied a Salcombe Dairy ice-cream so we headed into  town and parked in the main street as we have always done.
Slowly, very slowly we walked up the hill to the market – pity this bike had flat tyres
totnes 029
totnes 030totnes 032
totnes 033totnes 031
totnes 038totnes 040
Found an icecream cart- my blackcurrant cone was delicious. Not Salcombe Dairy but an other Devon maker – Yarde Farm .
By now we were very tired, had a quick look around the market stopped at a baker’s for a couple of pasties for tea and back to the car.
totnes 041totnes 042
What is that on the windscreen?

Umm, a very expensive ice-cream! We could have kicked ourselves not looking for a parking meter but, as we have parked there for years it did not cross our minds. Hey Ho - £25 to be sent off to the council tomorrow and we will now be parking aware. Our first ever parking fine so we’ve done well.


  1. Oh my gosh, what a fantastic post. I just couldn't get enough of all these great photos. A trip down memory lane for me as I remember Brixham and Totnes very well, having gone to them all the time when I lived in Marldon. Thanks for the great tour, and do hope you are back to 100 percent very soon. It's been a hard grind for you I know but glad to see you were able to get out and about a bit. That would do wonders I'm sure.

  2. Ouch! Just saw that last picture :(


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