Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Resolving publishing photos via Google Chrome

Details of problems are copied below.

I have just cleared browsing and download history & cache only. Not cookies, passwords, and saved form data yet.

Lets see if it works now?

Upload photo from computer



Thank you http://windowslivehelp.comclever

Question Summary
I am having trouble publishing to my blog

What blogging service are you using ?


Is your computer behind a corporate firewall ?


Enter the exact error that you are experiencing :

404 error.

Additional Details
I can publish narrative to my blog  but not photos from my computer. when I try to publish photos I get the error
The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found.
It used to work (!) I have tried restore - doesn't work. I have uninstalled Essentials and reinstalled - doesn't work. I have tried just installing writer - doesn't work.
The photo is showing in the workspace but does not upload. As narrative  is published it confirms that the address is correct.
I am using Windows Vista. 

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012 2:51 PM

Windows Live Marra L.

Hi jeanjeannie44,
Have you tried using a different computer and/or browser when trying to publish photos? Also, have you tried it with a different blog account on the same computer? This will help us isolate the issue you're having.
Windows Live Marra L.
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Tuesday, February 28, 2012 4:12 PM


thanks for responding.
I only have one computer but I have just tried Internet  Explorer as opposed to Chrome -( which I normally use) and - Hey Presto - I have pictures!
I therefore assume it must be something in Chrome which is stopping the photos? What can I do about it?
I have 4 blogs ( yes, I know S A D !) and the problem  is with all of them .
Failing all else I will go back to Internet Explorer if I have to.
I look forward to your advice
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Tuesday, February 28, 2012 9:48 PM

Windows Live Edmond A.

Hi JJ,
I recommend that you clear your browser's cache and temporary internet files to make sure that they are not causing your issue.
For assistance in clearing Google Chrome's cache and cookies, please click here
Windows Live Edmond A.
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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

testing explorer


In case anyone looks in and wonders what is going on – For some reason I have been unable to post photos through Windows Live Writer for a long time now. Narrative is OK but the photos would not show.

I normally use Chrome but have just tried Internet Explorer and these photos have been published.

3 green rose

So I deduce there is a problem with Google Chrome and I am awaiting some further advice from a clever techie.

13 blue rose

In the meantime enjoy these very natural looking roses!


Monday, 27 February 2012

Friday, 17 February 2012

Saved from the sea

The Girl Rhona was towed off the sand bar and taken to safety on the back beach
Badly damaged she was saved by fellow fishermen and today I believe she was re floated.
We had some very cold but dry weather a few days ago and after looking at the saved boat we walked around  the quay and Mike was approached by a guy who recognised him from school. Amazing.

There is a flood prevention scheme going on entailing thr use of some big equipment and a lot of noise. Hopefully it will not spoil the area and it will be returned as far as possible to how it is now

There are some pretty little cottages leading up from the beach
And the Shaldon Ferry was running as usual across the river
Won't be needing the landing stage today

The motley collection of Beach Huts are shut up for the winter. They do not look the most desirable of residences but they do command a very high price.
We continued our walk around the point and, as we did the wind hit us fair & square in the face. Enough, I cried, let's go home for a nice hot cup of tea.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

NEW HOME FOR US AND ...................

For the birds!

Having had so many birds in our last garden because we bordered Occombe Woods we knew we would miss them after moving to Teignmouth.
I hung out the feeders in the Magnolia tree

And filled up the bird house

and we soon realised that we had two pairs of blackbirds, a pair of ringed doves, blue tits , a blackcap and the odd sparrow or two.
So, I dragged Mike to the garden centre and bought some nesting boxes -

Mike did say he would make some which he could do easily but I need them before the 14th, Feb – Valentines Day when it is said that birds get hitched.

Here is one for Robins with an open front -

And one for blue tits or similar sized birds.

Now we wait to see if they are attractive enough to persuade the parents to move in and start a family.
Whoops - I must go and defrost the bird bath – temperatures below freezing again last night and water is as important as food.

A casualty of this freezing weather is my money plant. Left outside by the removal men I only discovered it yesterday.

Doesn’t look too good does it?
I hope I can nurse it back to health – very bad luck if you lose a money plant and I’ve had this for many many years – before I left work I think.
All done, now I ought to turn my attention to feeding the humans! What’s for lunch I hear Mike cry? Umm, homemade vegetable soup should fit the bill. Byee

Sunday, 5 February 2012

New Home – New Me?

Don’t hold your breath. I was hoping that the move to Teignmouth would give us a new lease of life; we had become very complacent and every day was very predictable. We were in a rut – nothing wrong with that if you are happy in it but we both felt that there must be more to life than the every day routine that we were in.

We were certainly kept very busy with the move that’s for sure but, returning from our cruise after Christmas the momentum had slowed. Much needed doing but mostly by the professionals , the new steps, new fence, moving radiators etc. but  Mike will be kept busy finishing off these projects. He is sorted.

What about me? Well, I had a wake up call when I went for a check at the doctors and somehow found the courage to get on the scales. BLOODY HELL! NO! IT CAN’T BE! …………….. Sadly it is. Back to the weight I was over 3 years ago. If I don’t do something now then I will continue to get fatter. Not a great prospect especially with my breathing problems.

What to do JJ? I asked myself. You have lost weight before – you CAN do it again.

First thing is I have re-joined my weight watching / calorie counting programme online. Paid for 6 months – that IS a commitment.



All my old information is available and I feel very comfortable with it. Out came my scales from the bottom drawer and a pen and paper strategically placed nearby.

What can I cut down on ? Sadly -  red wine. I really love my glass of wine with my dinner – the trouble is one glass becomes two and I was “enjoying “ half a bottle most nights. Not only bad for my weight but also for my liver.

Secondly – butter. Although we buy Lurpak Spreadable Lighter it still has masses of calories. Bread is the other half of this fattening equation so, if I cut out bread then I will reduce the butter consumption. O.K.

Thirdly and the  most difficult – EXERCISE! That word is a total anathema to me – the only exercise I enjoy is my fingers dancing over my keyboard.  Far too old and unfit to join a gym or a keep fit class – what could be done?

Get a pedometer – perhaps that just might motivate me to actually go out and get some (free) fresh air? I ordered it on Tuesday and it arrived on Thursday. The information from it can be uploaded to my computer and I suppose all sorts of statistics etc. will be shown. Took me ages to get it working ( I think I have) and it is now constantly in my pocket.


I was stunned how many paces you take just around the house but the average of 2500 per day seems almost impossible for me – sitting or laying as I do on my laptop most days.

Anyway, today the weather was good, considerably warmer, no wind and no snow so, off we went for a walk. We drove down to the Sea front and walked the sea wall from Teignmouth to as far as you can below Holcombe at Hole Head. I forgot my camera but I did make sure my pedometer was in my pocket.

The weather was kind, glimpses of sun from time to time and very little wind apart from when a train, heading towards Teignmouth created a strong blast of air as it passed. Confronted by a steep walk up to the main road or turning round – we turned round and headed back. My hips and lower back were beginning to ache but that added to my sense of achievement.

We got back to the car in about an hour and I guess the distance was roughly a mile and a half. Not earth shattering I know but a very long way for me these days.

I thought i would be exhausted but no, I felt fine so after checking on the progress of recovering the capsized fishing boat we went off to Jack’s Patch for a cuppa and a cake. I did say cake – couldn’t resist this wonderful looking pear and chocolate tart and, as Mike said, I deserved it. However, my conscience got the better of me and I passed half of it over to Mike to finish off on top of his slice of coffee cake!

We bought a couple of new bird boxes and some bird food and then home to my chair and my laptop.

Wonder if i will have lost any weight ? Don’t know but I quite enjoyed the walk and the fresh air and provided the weather is kind – I might do it all again tomorrow. Might!


PS I forgot the most important bit – Today I have done……………………………………………………………8587 STEPS!

PPS- I have had one ( large ) glass of Pinot Noir – Heaven. First for a week.


Friday, 3 February 2012

The Fishing Port of Teignmouth

Is our new home. Not far from Torbay, approximately 12 miles ,up the coast we know it quite well. Mike lived here from the age of 12 until we got married in 1965 and of course I visited often.

When we were young our local pub was The Ship which is on the River beach. Many a good night spent in there singing along to Lily the Pink by the Scaffold and Manfred Mann’s The Mighty Quinn. We were married then and lived in a modern terraced house in Chelston Torquay. We rarely stayed overnight so I guess we drove home drunk or sober. How scary is that but it was the norm.

Many of Mike’s friends were fishermen, men who worked hard and played hard. A great bunch of guys in the main.

I was reminded of them last weekend when one of the fishing boats, The Girl Rhona, ran aground on a sandbank by the mouth of the river.Five fishermen on board were rescued unharmed, in a dangerous operation which saw the lifeboat which went to their aid, also damaged. This boat is now manned by sons of the men we knew and everyone in the town is so delighted that they were all rescued. The outcome could have been so different.

The boat is still sitting on the sand bank being pounded every second by the relentless waves. We drove down to the seafront yesterday to look and I took this photo on a very long lens.

fishing boat

Reminded me also of this wonderful hymn -


Eternal Father strong to save
Whose arm has bound the restless wave
Who bids the mighty ocean deep
It's own appointed limits keep
O hear us when we cry to Thee
For those in Peril on the sea

The original hymn was written by William Whiting of Winchester, England, in 1860.