Saturday, 28 May 2011

Pink Saturday’s 3rd. Birthday Today


It’s a birthday so we must celebrate – Balloons,cakes, champagne and ………..

LOVE.Red heart

Congratulations Beverly on your fabulous blog. Here is my tribute to you…………………….

pink saturday2

Send a kissIt is a long time since I last participated in Beverly’s Pink Saturday blog at - 

but I am now happy to return to the fold and check out what everyone else has been up to. We all need a change now and again and I have still been busy with my painting and drawing and my other blogs as well as taking part in various forums. There never is enough time is there?

This photo I did many months ago and it bridges the generations -

My sunhat and dear little Phoebe’s shoes



Note Peppa Pig on her shoes – she adores her and I have recorded several episodes on the bedroom TV to keep her amused when all else fails. Know what I mean?

Phoebe has her own blog - and,as she is a very girlie girl there is lots of pink everywhere. Go check it out.

Finally, my flower of the week is – Bougainvillea





Make sure you visit Beverly to see more celebrations for this special day


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Friday, 27 May 2011


It’s OK Mike knows. I am in love with Alfie Boe who has the most magnificent voice and he’s not bad looking either.

Not only can he REALLY sing; not only is he handsome; not only has he a brilliant sense of humour ………………... he is to appear in the BEST EVER MUSICAL LES MISERABLE  from June 2011 and I have just booked our tickets for 11th August and our hotel. Can’t wait.

Here he is singing Bring him home from Les Mis -

Alfie sings Bring Him Home

AND: THERE’S MORE In loveMatt Lucas of Little Britain fame will also be appearing as the Inn keeper – Thénardier . He performed this in the 25th anniversary concert and was fantastic.

PLUS :  Matt & Alfie are good friends and have a brilliant rapport.

Here they are singing together in Matt’s kitchen -

Alfie & Matt sing He Ain’t Heavy

I don’t know when I last got so excited about anything – has made this old depressive VERY happy.

JJJJ gown

Wednesday, 25 May 2011


After leaving the Rain forest dome we were very grateful for the blast of cold air rushing through the doors.

We crossed The Link and went into the Mediterranean dome and we immediately were enveloped in the sweet perfume of Jasmine.

eden 046

How I would like these pots of geraniums outside my front door

eden 047


eden 048

eden 050

eden 051eden 052

eden 054

These statues were surrounded by grape vines and portray the God of wine Bacchus (Ii assume)

eden 056

As we left the dome it was raining so we made for the exit but not before I visited the nursery and bought some plants.

Here are a few more flowers which lined the paths – I don’t know what they are fed on but they were all huge.


eden 007

eden 010

eden 011eden 066

A cream Bottle brush plant

eden 012

eden 067eden 065

eden 064

That’s all.


Tuesday, 24 May 2011

A Trip To The Eden Project

We set off at 9.30 heading West towards Cornwall and there was not a lot of traffic and we made good time.
Switched Tom Tom on when we had gone over the Tamar Bridge and were amazed at the number of speed cameras – He kept beeping as if he had hiccups.  Tom Tom was also a  little confused at times as there is a new road not on the system and “the voice kept repeating - “turn around when convenient” or words to that effect.Despite the confusion we arrived just after 11 and were directed to a parking place  and were picked up in a bendy bus and driven to the entrance.

It was only 600 yards to walk but that was 550 yards further than I was prepared to walk with my poorly foot. Thoughtfully, the area between the bus stop and the entrance is a covered walkway in case of rain.

Driftwood sculpture of a horse by Heather Jansch, from the main entrance

I had booked the tickets online the night before but had booked for Sunday 29th by mistake. Don’t ask! I therefore had to find someone to change them and  actually it was very easy. The supervisor refunded the money to the credit card but we did have to pay full price on entry. Only another £5 for the three of us so no big deal. As we gift aided the entrance fee we were all given a years free  membership and can go as many times as we want.
Three of us?? Yes, well, Toby slept over on Sunday night and as all his exams etc. are over we decided to take him with us. Naughty I know but ………………….
We walked out of the entrance and could see far below us several white plastic domes, it looked like something on the moon.
eden 001
We were surrounded by beautiful plants and interesting trees as we made our way down into what was the bottom of an enormous clay pit.
eden 002

I had a frittata in the Eden Bakery, an unusual restaurant with trestle tables, milk  in jugs to help yourself and you pay AFTER you have eaten. Based on honesty there are no bills and I guess some people take advantage but I loved the concept. Trust instead of Distrust. This is a web photo ………………..

Mike & Toby joined a very large queue for a burger and there was the BIGGEST Sauce dispensers I have ever seen - eden 009
The food was not brilliant, although it was wholesome and organic in the bakery it did not appeal to  Mike or Toby and it was expensive .More choice would have been good. We did not see a “ normal “ sandwich or a packet of crisps or any kiddie sweets – I think overall that perhaps ethics have got in the way of catering for everyone.
Then  we went to the Link to verify our tickets ( not sure why) and went into the Rain Forest Dome.
WOW!  The heat and humidity hit you immediately and our glasses steamed up. There were flailing arms everywhere with people taking off their coats. Except Toby who really likes his Animal hoody.
eden 015
combi 1
combi 2

combo 5
Not smelly now!
combi 4
There were loads of bananas growing but I only saw one bunch with a flower
combi 6 banana
combi 7
More photos to come

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Goodbye Passat, goodbye



As any of you who know Mike his passion has always been cars. The above car was sitting outside the showroom when we took our car in for service last year. It looked impressive, long low and sleek and I saw Mike’s eyes light up. Give it a test drive I said – BIG mistake, he loved it.

To cut a very long story he bought it but, when we went to pick it up the body work was badly pitted and, after a long conversation it turned out the the car had been a lease car and had been hammered. We refused it and, to the dealers credit, they found us another which was the identical model, less mileage and in excellent condition. Phew, another stressful situation sorted.

BUT, i was frightened of it. Although Mike said it was THAT big, whatever THAT means, it felt huge and I was fearful of the fact that it did not have a handbrake.Why? was it omitted? No, some new fangled idea which manufacturers are using these days, I suppose one less component to be fitted and cheaper to link it to the on-board computer which would automatically engage the brake when needed. Yea, right.

For this driver it was a step too far plus, the roof is so low I hit my head every time I get in it; the sports seats fit far too snugly around my ample hips and I have great difficulty getting out of the damned thing.

I got to hate it and just did not want to drive it. Consequently, I became a passenger and Mike had to drive me every time I wanted to go out. Now, some people might think a chauffeur is a desirable acquisition and if he looked like George Clooney I could have put up with it but I felt as if I had lost my independence. It all came to a head last weekend when Mike was ill and I was stuck ; not normally something I mind as I am a home  bird but it upset me.

We discussed buying an old runabout but to insure me was going to cost mega bucks as it was years since I last had a car of my own so, we eventually decided to perhaps part with the Passat for something more manageable.((((((((((((((yippee)))))))))))))))))))

Today we pick up our newish Golf which I did test drive and felt totally at home and all that remains is for Mike to spend the next few hours sorting out the insurance.

Lets see how many cars we have had?

The photos below I have taken off the web – amazing what you can find!

Vauxhall Victor silver and maroon

Buy Classic cars with classic and vintage cars. Vauxhall Victor F deluxe. Grey and maroon, excellent condition inside and out. Good runner.

Triumph Vitesse


Mini Cooper

mini cooper classic


Humber Sceptre

Ford Anglia

Vauxhall Cavalier Coupe

Vauxhall Viva

1975 Vauxhall Viva Deluxe [HC]

Mazda 323 ( my first car)

Volvo 343 ( my 2nd car) was like driving a tank – no PAS.

Volvo - 343 GL

Volvo Estate 747

Volvo Estate V70

Ford Fiesta (  my third car) This one flew – honest.

Toyota Yaris ( my Fourth car) Loved it

His & Hers

With Mike’s BMW Estate 323

Volvo V70 TDI

Volvo V70

VW Passat Estate This was the last Estate as Sam died July 2007

Volkswagen Passat Estate (05-11)

VW Golf

12. VW Passat CC as above

And Finally …………………….

VW Golf Match. Just love it! Drove to Newton Abbot and back the other day and apart from me nearly killing Mike( Can you believe this? Before we had got to the ring road he said “CHANGE DOWN”. I kid you not, had there been no one behind me I would have got out there there and then. GRRRR!

Cick here to view larger image 1 of this VW Golf

I know I have missed some – a red car, make unknown and a blue ford estate for two  but that’s all for now let’s hope it is a very long time before I report that we have changed our car – again.