Thursday, 14 January 2010

Personalised Cards

Now I know you can buy personalised greetings cards on the internet but they are just stock cards with someone’s name added to the greeting.

I do REALLY PERSONALISED cards covering all occasions and the recipients are absolutely delighted.

Would you be interested in a very special card for that very special person or event?

Here are a few of the most recent one’s I have done -

1.CONGRATULATIONS : For a young man in Australia who has passed his Citizenship examination -

imageAs you can see we have some Koala bears, sitting in a eucalyptus tree holding the certificate with his name on it.

2.ANNIVERSARY : For a couple married 42 years. Caricature figures based on a photo of them


She loves big earrings & they both love red wine.

3. THANK YOU : To a couple who love to walk and are currently in Spain doing just that.


He has a beard, she is blonde and they are in Calpe so I have drawn Calpe Rock in the background.

4. New Baby : Charlotte


Yes, a baby girl.




This is just a very small sample of my work and with the magic of the Internet and email I am wondering if you might be interested in ordering one.

I would, of course need some information on which to base my picture and I can add any greeting you want.

Price, I am thinking £5 per card and I will post them. All are printed on glossy photo paper to enhance the image. The inside greeting  is on plain white card. I would email them to you for approval before sending.

This is very much just throwing out the idea to see if there might be a market for them. PLEASE, let me have some feedback and let me know what you think.



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