Tuesday, 16 February 2010


"Best laid plans" huh!

No school trip today so we were going to find tiles for the kitchen - well, that was the plan.

However ....................

After a hectic (for me) day yesterday

[quote]What did you do JJ?[/quote]

Funny you should ask, Up early for a Sunday to return number 2 grandson to his mum as number 1 grandson playing football ; left Mike behind to cheer him on which meant I had to drive Ooh err.image

Right JJ adjust seat - check

  Adjust mirror - check

Adjust seatbelt - check

Adjust wing mirrors ...................................I know there's a knob (no rude jokes please) somewhere. O well, can see Ok if I stretch my neck and - off we go.

This is only the third time I have driven this car so it was nerve racking. Why do they put 2nd & 4th gear right next to each other? Instead of slowing down gently I virtually ground to a halt when negotiating roundabouts!

image Home first to get the steak & kidney in the oven and make a chicken casserole for those who won't eat S & K (don’t know what they are missing).

After putting everything in the slow oven it’s off to the supermarket for a few things.

Right, where is reverse? Slowly up the drive onto the road - I DID IT!! Wow.

An hour later return home and get Mike his lunch and then prepare the veg for the evening and a nice fresh fruit salad.

Take the meat out of the oven - smells fab and make the cauliflower cheese.

Right, time for a break - where's my laptop?

4.30 - back to kitchen to make the pudding, all goes quite smoothly except too much boiling water in the saucepan - burn my fingers & drop the pudding into the pan. Great!

Heat the chicken casserole & put back in the slow oven then cook the veg. So far so good. Family turn up 10 minutes early & starving so skates on – get serving JJ.

Umm, remember that pan of boiling water? Yes, still boiling & still too full. Can I get the pudding basin out? Can I hell! After using 3 tea towels as well as the oven gloves and with very red finger tips I end up draining the water over the sink & praying it doesn’t go in the pudding.


A glass of red appears on the breakfast bar & disappears down my neck pronto.

Eventually dish up and watch the people I love enjoy their dinner. Think I enjoyed mine too but that bottle of Merlot was going down a treat.

So, that was yesterday– nothing much out of the ordinary you might think but for me & my depression the stress was just too much. Consequently, we did not go tile hunting today – I went for a nap at 2p.m.and I’m still in bed!!

Tomorrow??? That just might be the day we get our kitchen tiles ………………….. Or not, as the case might be.


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  1. Hope you got your kitchen tiles JJ. After a day like that I would have finished off the whole bottle ;) Lovely post, you write it so well.

    p.s. I'm still in bed at 11.08 a.m., enjoying being lazy and feeling a bit guilty I'm doing it with no excuses. Going for the coffee now though.


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