Friday, 21 October 2011


I have posted photos of my art many times on this blog  and two of my favourite pictures are these




A few weeks ago I uploaded the above to You - frame to be put on to canvas.

I waited and waited for them to arrive but as I had taken advantage of a special deal the company were inundated with orders.

I eventually received one and was some -what surprised that the canvas was rolled up in a box with the bits and pieces for the frame. I was expecting it to be assembled. How stupid am I?

No, don’t answer that. That is why it is called YOU – Frame Duh !

Putting it together is very simple, according to the instructions – Yeah. Right. Mike and I eventually managed to do it between us, not without a few expletives and threats of violence.

We made some mistakes which are not too obvious but we made a much better job of the second one despite the instructions missing from the parcel.

Anyway, here they are hanging in the hall


I am thrilled to bits with them although they are rather large. Certainly make a statement! As they can be touched and viewed from different angles I now feel that perhaps my digital art will now be considered “real” art.

I can see me having trouble in deciding which other ones to have done. The reproduction is brilliant.

I might try some flower photos next ……………… but which to choose.

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  1. JEAN THESE LOOK FABULOUS! Can't wait for my next visit to view your gallery.

    Thanks for the bon voyage - am here in SF at Paula's and we'll leave for NZ tomorrow evening (Sat.). Just heard there was a strong earthquake north of NZ this morning - oh well, par for the course, ship leaking oil, earth moving, let's just hope I get back!

    Love you, Mary


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