Wednesday, 25 April 2012


boscombe poole 001

The men were racing their remote control boats on an enormous lake.

We parked the car near the harbour and had a lovely mooch around in the sunshine.

boscombe poole 007boscombe poole 010

boscombe poole 017boscombe poole 011

We drooled over the Gin palaces being built across the water – this will do nicely

boscombe poole 009

boscombe poole 014

Then after getting caught up in an horrendous traffic jam we ended up having lunch al fresco at Boscombe.

boscombe poole 021boscombe poole 020

As I was chief photographer I did not get to eat!

Then we walked along the prom where many people were sun bathing and some brave souls in the sea

boscombe poole 024boscombe poole 040

Some very swish property has been built on the front and some slightly more utilitarian but colourful.

boscombe poole 029boscombe poole 033

Mike and the others walked up the hill to get the car, I sat and waited here and discovered I had lost my cardigan! Grr!

boscombe poole 045boscombe poole 043

When I got in the car and said I had lost my cardigan – Lynne, the energetic one amongst us jumped out and ran back along the prom. She found it in a heap covered in sand.

When I looked at my photos -

boscombe poole 038boscombe poole 038

I could SEE IT! Next to the kids bikes where I photographed them.

Another lovely day with lovely friends in lovely weather. Great.



  1. I'll take the blue beach hut............wish I was there!
    See your weather has been rough......hope life is good in Teignmouth.

    Bob works in Sacramento, Calif. next week - then we'll be readying on the next big trip together!

    Just bought our tickets on the Natl. Express, Heathrow to TQY in Dec. Hope so much you'll be there!

    Love and hugs to you all.

  2. Hi dear - how are things going? Missing you in blogland.
    We're off again next week.........another big adventure!

    Hugs - Mary

  3. Looks like a lovely day out. glad you found your cardi.

  4. Hello there, just checking in to see how goes things. Lovely photos here. Hope you've had a wonderful weekend.


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