Monday, 24 December 2012

Blogging with my iPad

Umm, not easy but the old adage .. Try, try, try again seems rather appropriate.
I have to say I LOVE my iPad, it is so quick, light to carry, versatile, in fact, absolutely brilliant.
There are restrictions the biggest being no Flash preventing you from viewing many things on Utube but, apart from  that, I have discovered that I can do my Arty Crafty  stuff on here with the aid of a couple of programmes.
It is very different from using my laptop but enjoyable none the less.
Here are a couple of things I have done , certainly not masterpieces but very satisfying.
Right, let me see if I can upload them 😍
O dear, I have just downloaded the Blogger App, another large learning curve. Now what?
There is a picture icon which has allowed me to load some pictures but they are tiny at the bottom of the ' page'.
Guess I will hit the 'Publish' button and see what happens.
Here goes .........

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  1. Jean, they are fabulous!!! Great job - you ned to market these cards, especially the Christmas one.

    Loved the day out and seeing Dartmouth dressed for the holidays. Last evening there were Carols outside the Osborne when we came home from Sue's - we joined in, it really felt Christmassy. This morning - oh boy, quite stormy and crashing waves, a different picture from what I've usually seen from these windows!

    See you soon - again Merry Christmas.
    Love Mary & Bob


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