Wednesday, 1 July 2009


It is two years tomorrow that we had to take that one way trip to the vet that all pet owners dread.

Sam had been failing for several weeks despite umpteen trips to the vet and loads of dosh and we knew that we could not watch him suffer any longer.

I stayed and cuddled him whilst he went to sleep but Mike was too upset. We walked out feeling bereft and that dreadful sorrow stayed with us for months.
Get another dog we were told and I would have got one like a shot ( still would) but Mike said that pets are too much of a tie, we are not getting any younger and mobility is an issue for both of us. I know he's right but we have had pets all our married life. I certainly don't miss the mess, hair everywhere and the "smell" but I would happily have that if we could have Sam back.

A wonderful dog. The best ever. He was clever, obedient, handsome and great with everyone. what more could you ask?

This poem was written by a friend at the Spiritualist Church and I love it even though it is sad.

If it should be that I grow weak
 and pain should keep me from my sleep
Then you must do what must be done
for this last battle cant be won

You will be sad--I understand
 don’t let your grief then stay your hand
for this day more than all the rest
your love for me must stand the test

We've had so many happy years
what is to come can hold no fears
you'd not want me to suffer so,
 the time has come, please let me go

Take me where my needs they'll tend
and please stay with me to the end
hold me firm and speak to me
until my eyes no longer see

I know in time that you will see
 the kindness that you did for me
although my tail its last has waved,
 from pain and suffering I’ve been saved

Please do grieve it must be you
 who has this painful thing to do
we’ve been so close all these years
don’t let your heart hold back its tears.
D Howard


  1. He was a fabulous dog - remember how my Mum loved him?

    So hard to let them go but the great memories stay with us as they were as precious as the children! You certainly gave him a lovely home and so much love.

  2. It's so sad to think that the big bundle of joy that used to play fetch all hours of the day isn't on this world anymore. But, I guess he's in a better place now.

    By the way, this is Jasmin. This is my new blog. Please come and read some of my posts. Bye!!


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