Tuesday, 21 July 2009


All of these were painted on the computer using a conventional mouse or, in later times, the integrated mouse on my laptop. I did buy

a tablet but found it more difficult trying to use a mouse on a flat plane and look at the monitor.

I use various programmes; I started with Microsoft Publisher. Then Adobe Elements and currently Serif DrawPlus and PhotoPlus.

boatat sunset

Coming home. This is the theme of many of my pictures; I must have been a sailor in a previous life.


here is another.

I love the sea having lived near it most of my life so it is not surprising that it features heavily in my work.

beach copy


castleby sea copy

Angry skies are another passion

Gallery 055

Storm copy

I hope you enjoy looking at these and I will post more another day. Still to come, abstracts, sunsets and…………………… COLOUR!


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