Tuesday, 27 April 2010


I came across several poems I wrote some time ago and thought I would share them  with you


This mouse came visiting today

From where he came, who knows

He joined us in the garden sun

But did not want to play.


He twitched his nose and smelt the air

He seemed so quite at home.

No fear had he, so strong & brave

Despite my grandson’s stare.

Look at his tail so long & thin

Cried Toby quite excited.

I’ve never seen one quite like that

I want to pet & stroke him.


You can’t I said, he’s wild & free

Please leave him where he is

Don’t go too close, he’ll turn & run

Up the nearest tree.


He needs some sun to warm him through

He’s cold & wet poor thing

We will leave some cheese to cheer him up

Some nuts & water too.


We stepped away to watch our friend

Tuck into his little feast,

Finished, he washed his whiskers clean

Then ran around the bend.


Will he come back another day

To see us Nanni, will he?

I hope so dear I whispered low

We can but hope & pray


That this small creature knows we care

For all God’s living things

Such joy he gave us both today

A memory to share.




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  1. Jj, this is delightful! Have you written other poems? You should gather them together, let your grandsons illustrate them, and then publish them in a book for your boys. Thanks for sharing. Wonderful work!


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