Wednesday, 14 April 2010


A warm and sunny weekend which made us all really feel that we were on holiday.

Our grandsons, Oli & Toby came to stay here over night so that we could be up, up and away at the crack of dawn. Right! Anyone tried getting a 10 and 13 year old up early? Well, it is nigh on impossible.

Toby’s birthday is in March and Oli’s in April so we decided this year to take them on a little trip somewhere different. We had been very impressed with Manchester when we visited last December and there seemed loads of sporty things for them to do. Nothing in this area which does not involve the sea and it’s too cold at this time of year anyway. Mind you, it was pretty cold where we took them – minus 6 degrees – Brrrrrrrrrrr.

But we will come to that later.

The journey took us 5 hours including a coffee break ( for us) and chicken nuggets from  Burger King  for them! They had their duvets and pillows on the back seat so they managed to sleep much of the time and luckily Toby was not car sick. Bruised maybe from a few little punches and digs from his brother but not sick.

Tom Tom found the way quite easily and we only went wrong once and we were very happy to hear – “ you have reached your destination”.

The boys eyes popped out of their heads when we got out of the car – right next door to Manchester United’s Old Trafford. We could not have been closer.


We were told our room was not ready so we went straight over to the ground to book a tour of the museum and the ground later that afternoon.Toby saw loads of things he wanted to buy in the shop but was persuaded to wait a while.




We returned to the hotel – lovely modern decor and had a fabulous view of Salford Quays from our room. We were not too happy about having a mattress on the floor though – something to sort out later.




4.30 – time to go on the tour whilst Nanni stayed behind (Boo Hoo) and unpacked and a little snooze.

When they returned they were buzzing with excitement and had obviously enjoyed it immensely.


Time for more food so down to the restaurant. Quite a good choice and the kids menu, which was big enough even for Oli, was only £4.50 each so that wasn't too bad. Red wine wasn’t so cheap but affordable – just!

After dinner we walked along the side of the canal making for a bridge to cross over but …………. accident prone Toby, who was “free running” ran out of room and kissed the ground with his nose. Shaken rather than badly hurt we returned to the hotel for a bath and early bed.



Next morning Mike had us all up early and we had a brilliant breakfast – Toby’s was his favourite – beans, sausage and eggs. Oli’s a bacon and egg sandwich. Sorted.

Then off to the Chill Factor


Today they were booked in to tgry the luge and loved it.


Landing in a heap at the bottom!



We also went and checked out the indoor akydiving – very scary and also very funny at times.


After a walk around the Lowry Centre and the Imperial War Museum we returned to the hotel for dinner and early bed.

Next day, back to the Chill Factor for some tubing





Then off to the Trafford Centre where Oli chose some clothes for his birthday and Toby chose some Lego.

Another tiring day finished off with a nice meal in the Restaurant and a bottle of Chateau Neuf Du Pape ( opened in error – honest.)

Actually it didn’t taste any better than the cheaper plonk.

That was it.

An uneventful drive home in lovely sunshine and met with a roast chicken dinner from Emma.

A smashing three days just the boys and us. No upsets, no tantrums ( from Mike) just a wonderful experience to share.

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  1. Sorry I'm late catching up with the news - life is crazy busy these days Jean.

    What a lovely weekend you gave the boys - looked like they had a great time. Glad they are now of an age where tantrums are rare, makes it much easier doesn't it? They are still such cute kids, know you and Mike love to be with them.

    We don't see enough of Jasmin these days - some weeks only Wed. afternoons - the only day we collect her from school now - they get out early that day and the other days she rides the bus home. Of course we'll have her most of the Summer hols. - she has one week away at 'Y' camp the remainder with us. Going to New England then driving to Montreal and Quebec City - she's only seen Western Canada so this will be new and I know she'll enjoy hearing French spoken!

    Love from us all - Mary


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