Wednesday, 29 December 2010


Resolutions??? umm, never been keen on making these as it is so disappointing when you break them.

  • I stopped smoking over 2 years ago which I suppose would have been a good candidate but  no longer available. I added up my savings the other day – a whopping £3000+ which has funded some holidays and more enjoyable pastimes.
  • Lose weight! The proverbial battle which just seems to get harder each year. I remember when I could lose 7lbs in a week, no problem; would take me a month now. I’ve done the –

Grapefruit diet.

Egg diet

Low carb diet

High protein diet


Slimming World

Nutracheck online,

High fibre


All of which worked to one degree or another but eventually you slip up, revert to old habits and you find that you no longer even fit into those fat clothes which you very nearly threw away.

At 50 I thought I would no longer worry about my figure – I did.image



At 60 surely no longer caring what I looked like – I did.image

Now 66 do I care? wish I could say no but I do. Whether it is enough for me to climb onto that treadmill again only time will tell. There is the cruise in February to act as a catalyst as I will want to look my best but not a lot can be accomplished in 6 weeks. Is it worth it? I’ll let you know.


  • Take more exercise. Ha Ha! All the exercise I enjoy is moving my fingers over the keyboard on my laptop. It does prove a point though – my fingers are slimmer than the rest of me. Wedding and engagement rings still fit after 45 years. Strange that. Here I am doing my daily exercise. JJ.
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  1. It is SO hard to lose! Remember when little old ladies WERE little? How much longer will it take before I don't enjoy food as much, eat much less of it, and start getting slimmer? I refuse to starve myself, but I know I must get out and pound the pavement more often........when it warms up but before it's too hot here!

    Love your post dear. Where are you cruising to?
    We'll be in the Lake District in May, then a few days in TQY with perhaps a quick trip across to Brittany/Normandy. It takes such a lot of effort to work out logistics for travel these days.

    Hope this is a great year for you all Jean - and that we get to see you.
    Love Mary


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