Monday, 27 December 2010


Very nearly. As most will know to get snow here in Torbay is very unusual but the week before Christmas it arrived – in bucket loads.


The cold weather produced some brilliant sunsets


The snow turned the grey winter’s garden into one coated with icing sugar and giving off a bright glow – magical












Our bird feeding station has been a hive of activity during these unprecedented cold temperatures. Day after day below zero and with hoar frosts so thick they look like snow.

This chaffinch has been nick-named “ bloater” she is so fat her belly touches the ground. Bless.


This is a rare visitor – a pied wagtail. He knows where he is well off and is camping nearby as we now see him several times a day.

Today 27th December is the first day the temperature has risen above freezing and the remaining snow and ice in the sheltered parts of the garden have, at last thawed. Snow does of course remain on Dartmoor but I have no intention of photographing that!


  1. What a lovely series of photos! It reminds me of the time way back when, before marriage, when my Dad and I were driving back from our jobs in Torquay - along the ring-road - and had to abandon our car because of blizzard conditions. We had to walk well over a mile and practically collapsed when we got in the door. Glad your snow is melting. We had a dusting and compared to other parts in the US, got off very lightly.

  2. Hi dear ones, this this is the first time I've seen snow at your house - lovely pics!! Snow on palms is so unusual.

    Glad it's now warmer for you, and hope you enjoyed your Christmas with the kids etc. Loved your card, thanks so much Jean, and thank you for the kind comment on my recent blogs.

    Our snow is still around in the shady areas, we had 8" on Boxing Day! Tomorrow it will be 60 degrees again - good start to a New Year! Tonight we'll head into town for First Night celebrations, join the People's Procession and watch fireworks after Raleigh's big Acorn is dropped (from a crane). They do this twice, at 7 pm for the kids and oldies like us, at midnight for the movers and we were long ago, lol!!!

    Happy, healthy New Year to you, Mike, and everyone.
    Love and hugs Mary & Bob

    P.S. Jasmin is here and send love too.


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