Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Out To Lunch In Brixham

The boys’ Dad is now working at a new Restaurant in Brixham so we all went over for lunch on Saturday.

Here it is from the back – looking very smart.

brixham  phe 003

It is right on the Quay – a lovely position on a warm summer day.

brixham  phe 009

A  rather swish glass balcony off the main restaurant  looks very inviting.

brixham  phe 011

Rob the Head Chef.

brixham  phe 012

Whilst waiting for our meal Toby and Phoebe went off to explore.

brixham  phe 014

Ready and waiting for her burger and chips.

brixham  phe 015

An arty shot of through the doorway.

brixham  phe 017


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  1. Jean, I thought I'd left a comment here some time ago but don't see it! Anyway dear, great shots of Brixham - Rob looks good and I hope this will be a great restaurant and he enjoys working there.
    Phoebe never takes a bad pic - she's so cute. Give my love to them all.
    I'm so busy getting ready for the trip plus a million other things - know that I'm thinking of you guys and sending much love.



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