Monday, 21 November 2011

Normal Service will be Resumed – Eventually

Just a quick apology for my absence but we are in the midst of a house move  which, from start to finish is scheduled for under 6 weeks. Things are manic and the uncertainty of it all is not helping my stress levels.

We are due to move on 12th December and then we are off on holiday on 17th December.

Hopefully, the New Year will see me back to normal and having the time to spend on my computer and chatting to you all.


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  1. Only have a moment dear - packing day for the Thailand/Vietnam trip!

    Happy for you selling and buying so quickly, and without the usual hang-ups by sound of it. The new house looks delightful, but then you and Mike always pick great properties! Will be difficult imagining you in a new place, guess we'll have to come visit asap! Think you'll enjoy Teignmouth - it still has that old-fashioned English seaside feel.

    Anyway have a safe move and then go enjoy your holiday. Hope the boys have both recovered and that all is well with everyone! They will miss having you close by won't they!

    Last trip was fabulous - awesome - words can't describe it all!

    Love from us both - Mary XX


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