Saturday, 10 December 2011

Goodbye & Hello

On Monday, 12th December we will be saying goodbye to our home in Paignton

hot july day

We have been here just over 10 years – very happy years. We will never find another home so perfect.  Quiet, Secluded with views over the town towards the sea.


DECK 003

The garden although beautiful is too much for us now -

gareden gate

We will be happier with less to worry about but will take the very best of memories with us.

It is time to move on – this house is much to large for us and we also feel in need of change. Post Mid – Life  Crisis?? Who knows but we are excited about our move to Teignmouth.

Teignmouth where Mike grew up; a smaller town than Paignton but much prettier and more attractive in every way ; We will still be up a hill ( difficult not to be in this neck of the woods) and we have a sea view from the garden.


All on one level, no stairs  it will be easier for us both although I have to negotiate the steps to the front door. That will be my daily exercise LOL.


A light bright airy lounge with a balcony off one end


A large conservatory off the kitchen so we will probably spend most our time there


And a manageable garden which I am looking forward to  seeing come to life next year. Exciting not knowing what to expect.

There is a bus stop in the road so we can walk into town and bus back – for free with our bus passes and avoid all the hassle of trying to find somewhere to park. Always difficult especially in summer.

As I type this I am surrounded with cardboard boxes – an over enthusiastic packer has left us with very little  to survive until Monday but a great excuse to eat out. Toby & Phoebe are coming to stay tonight and will have to share the double bed upstairs – Whoa! will we get any sleep I wonder?

The next time they stay over it will be very new to them both and I hope they will like our new home as much as we do.

Next time I will be writing from Teignmouth – exciting times.



  1. Just beautiful! I'm sure you will make many new memories throughout your years there.
    'hugs from afar'

  2. Glad I popped in to wish you a happy and smooth move to Teignmouth. The photos were lovely. My memories of Teignmouth are seeing it from the train on our way down from London on our visits back home, and of course the occasional trip from Paignton when I actually lived in England. May you have many happy years in your new home.

  3. Your new bungalow looks lovely Jean. Strangely, Peter and I nearly moved to Teignmouth, but couldn't find anything suitable as we only had just over a week to look.
    Was only thinking of you the other day and wondering how you are. We are now in Churston Ferrers and I love it here, house taking a lot longer though.
    Hope you'll be very happy there. Love to you both and maybe we can meet up sometime early in the New Year. Happy Christmas, Lorraine xxxx


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