Monday, 30 January 2012

New Steps–New Fence???

Sods Law is it not? The week before we started on the steps we had a ferocious gale and …………………………..

one of the fence panels blew down in the back garden.The neighbours blocked it with a wooden door to prevent their dogs escaping.


As you can see the rest of the fence was in a bad way so the whole lot needed replacing.

Our new neighbours called around as they have three dogs and needed to get this sorted a.s.a.p. We agreed to go halves as a new fence would benefit us both and they said they would get a quote.

Two guys gave a good quote and arrived on Tuesday. The first day they stripped out the old fence, took down some bushes and concreted in new posts.

The next day they put up the horizontal posts and nailed on the panels ( with an old fashioned hammer)  finishing by the end of the day despite it raining all day.

Here is the result -

ashleigh 002 (2)

ashleigh 003

All the way to the front

ashleigh 011

Another brilliant job by two experienced guys who have a wonderful work ethic and know exactly what they are doing. .

Well done Saunders and Co from New Road.



  1. You are truly blessed to get more guys who obviously enjoy what they do. Great fence Jean - much better than what was there before - must have been a friendly gale blowing in after all! So what's coming next - things do come in 3's you know?

    Hugs - Mary

  2. It's nice to hear of a good job well done. I remember my parents garden when the gales would come through and knock the fencing down. Dad was always mending them. I think he would have left the job to these guys if he had known someone like them back then.


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