Sunday, 1 January 2012

DAY 11

The service on the ship has been almost perfect - just a couple of small exceptions. We have been wined and dined and waited on and nothing has been too much trouble. They have certainly pulled out all the stops to give us a great Christmas. Despite the ship being full there have not been the long waits for the lifts and fewer octogenarians racing along deck 11 in their scooters. The kids have been no problem and gave us another little show last night.

The main Show last night was incredible - the orchestra, consisting of the the 9 piece band and some other musicians around the ship were phenomenal. They played some of John Williams music - movie themes from Superman, Raiders of the lost Arc etc and it sounded like a full orchestra. The singers and dancers were exceptional and despite what Simon Cowell says - they are very talented.

As I write we are almost across the Bay of Biscay - was a bit rough but nothing like last time. However, the Channel will be bad according to the Captain - a storm is on it's way.


Me ( that’s my poorly foot ) writing my blog.


DAY 12

All good things come to an end and tomorrow we will be home. It’s obvious that we are nearly there – grey skies and a grey angry sea.

However, another busy day with various events to attend including an afternoon concert in the ice rink from Zoot playing under a different name – Jamie and the First Class

Still Crazy, Zoots

Still Crazy, Jamie & the First Class

Very talented young musicians especially the lead guitarist. We preferred the 60’s music played as ZOOT earlier in the week – the 80’s passed us by I think.

There was also a Guest Talent Show – Umm funny for all the wrong reasons LOL.

The Head waiter left us complimentary wine at dinner after the discussion the day before about how many bottles I had drunk – all 5 according to him! We still did not leave him a tip.

Final Farewell Show was again excellent with many of the crew coming onstage ( including Captain Teo to say goodbye. A quick G & T in the lounge listening to Rock Away and then back to our room. Cases had been packed so they were placed outside our door for collection. Then to be rocked gently to sleep as we sailed up the Channel.

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