Monday, 5 March 2012

Winter Skies


Will we get home before it rains? Here you can see the skate park on Teignmouth seafront – very popular with Toby.


The view from the Point car park was slightly less threatening.004

Perhaps not in the this direction!






The dark sky shows off this very bright beach hut on the river beach.


The fishing nets are neatly hung over the railings just as the first drop of rain falls. Back to the car and home methinks!



  1. It's lovely to see all these photos from Teignmouth. Great shots Jeanni and your header collage of your grandchildren, adorable!

  2. Great pics of the precious three! Loving the Teignmouth pics too.

    Sorry you're still not well dear - you can always contact Sue for names of doctors in that area, she knows everyone in town and worked for a practice for many years.

    I got my pertussis (whooping cough) booster this week - after you two having such a rough time with it last year I don't want to take a chance, especially as the first cruise is imminent!

    Get well soon - love you.
    M & B


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