Wednesday, 20 February 2013

To friends I am neglecting I Am sorry.

Going through a very bad bout of depression and now needing tranquillisers!
Change to medication maybe needed but I have to be weaned off the Prozac before I can be given anything else.
Today is day 1 of reducing the dose.
The tranquillisers have made me feel spaced out although it could be the ongoing dizziness problem which Has not yet been diagnosed. I had an MRI scan last Thursday and await the result.
All in all I am not in a good place but I keep telling myself it will pass. It always does but it does not usually come back so quickly or severely.
I am upset that I missed Phoebe's 5th birthday and her stage debut at the Princess theatre but there will be other occasions I am sure.she is a born performer.

Earlier in the month we went to Gloucester with friends for a couple of days. It was very cold and miserable and was not improved by the town.
What a disappointment. We were expecting a lively renovated waterfront like Bristol, but no, very little there to see, a large Antique Emporium full of overpriced stuff, a couple of cafes and a shopping mall which showed signs of the current state of the depression in this country. Charity shops, cheap tatty shops and empty shops outnumbered all the others.

However, on the plus side there were some lovely buildings not least the magnificent Cathedral. As we wandered around the town the bells were ringing loudly and, if you shut your eyes, you could have been back in the 18th Century, hurrying along the cobbled streets in fear of being late.

The stonework was extremely fine, almost dainty and reminded me of a fairy castle rather than a church

The only other thing we spotted was a very ornate clock in the town centre

We were expecting to have breakfast in Sainsburys on the day we left but it was a small supermarket and did not have a restaurant. We asked one of the employees who directed us across the road to a little Cafe which gave us a superb breakfast at a reasonable price and door stop slices of bread to fill us up
ontact Us...

Well worth a visit.
ontact Us...

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  1. Oh dear friend, so sorry you are going through more health issues and hope so much they can get you stabilized, on the correct meds, and feeling much, much better very soon!
    I worry about you constantly - hang in there dear - with Spring on the way and more sunshine I know you will improve.

    I had such an amazing trip to Antarctica Jean - and would go back again in heartbeat, although I doubt that will ever happen! Such a magical place full of Nature's pristine beauty and awesome wildlife. Everything went fine, ship and crew great, and people really a good bunch representing 13 countries. I enjoyed each moment and was almost sorry when it was over and time to come home! Off on the next trip in May so have little breathing time and hope to complete some projects here at the house.

    Love to you both - keep us updated because you know we care, a lot!!

    Mary (and Bob) XX

  2. So glad to see you posting but am so sorry you've not been feeling well. Sending you a big hug :)

  3. Beautiful photos! I just found your blog today. So sorry to hear about your depression; believe me, I can empathize, as I struggle with depression as well. I hope you will find the right thing to help you. Sending you hugs.


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