Thursday, 23 May 2013

The Arctic Circle?

Cruise day 1

Left home at 9 . 15 after having to go back for Mike's phone and his cards.
Traffic reasonable but slow on the single carriage way but, despite stopping for a Wee and a coffee at Winterbourne Abbas we arrived at the car park at 12 15.
At the dock ACP guy took our luggage and we walked into the terminal.
Checked in, went through security and were sitting down to Lunch before 1.
The ship is small compared with others we have been on and quite shabby in places.dining room small too but the food, although not a huge choice was very nice.
We have just been advised that cabins have been serviced so we will go and find ours. Expecting an upgrade!!!
Time 2 p.m.
Yes, an upgrade to a very nice cabin with a big window and,as we are on deck4 it is very close to the sea.
A quick walkabout followed by a muster ( inside) thank goodness as it was now raining quite heavily.
A glass of champagne to welcome us on board and then up to the crows nest to watch us set sail. We had to wait a little while as this huge container ship passed us being manoeuvred by 3 big tugs.
Back to the cabin to finish unpacking, our second case finally turned up and then it was time to get ready for dinner.
Lovely dining room, we sat on a table for 6. There was Rosé and Ron, Jill and Ron and me and Mike. All much of an age.
Food was plentiful, 5 courses if you wanted them and it was served very quickly and looked lovely.
After dinner we went to the Curzon Lounge where people were dancing. That was followed by an introductory show, a 5 piece band, a male singer and a flautist.
All great musicians although I am not keen on the flute as a solo instrument. She was very talented Claire ???
Finally got back to the cabin and my bed at 9.30.Been a long old day.
Day 1? Excellent so far.
Night night.

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