Sunday, 14 July 2013

Devon Delights


Since the last week of June, when Wimbledon started , Summer has arrived in Devon.
Over the last few weeks it has got hotter and hotter and this weekend we have had temperatures as high as 30c, that is 90+ in old money.
We have been out and about visiting some of our favourite seaside towns and here are some photos.
First, driving under  the leafy green leaves forming arches over the roads to Budleigh Salterton with it's long pebble beach which shelves steeply down to the sea.

Winches are needed to get the boats up the beach and safe from the water's edge. 
Each Hut below has a wooden box housing a winch.

A trip on the Ferry from Starcross to Exmouth.
Exmouth town is not very big but is well kept as you can see from the photos of the park and the flower beds. We had to catch the ferry back from the Marina boasting some very expensive apartments painted in bright colours. Reminded us of Norway.
Some lovely yachts moored in the river , made us very envious.
I particularly liked this old fishing boat.
Home safe and sound


  1. Glad you're out and about - know you must be enjoying the weather dear. Home now - getting caught up. Great pics - making me homesick of course.

    Love you - Mary

  2. It is lovely to see some of my old haunts. Your photos are beautiful and love that header too.


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