Thursday, 25 July 2013

Knighthayes court

Knightshayes court  near Tiverton, Devon.
We struggled finding the place despite putting the postcode in the Satnav. We had to back track quite a long way. However, as we turned into the drive lined both sides with old iron fencing it took my breath away. 
Majestic trees surrounded us in open parkland and we were told there are 280 acres. Huge!

As we progressed up the drive the house came into view, quite imposing, not beautiful but very grand. 
We then passed the old stables where there is now a shop, cafe and plant centre and continued on looking for the car park. 
After enjoying a generous cup of tea, one pot would have been more than enough, we made our way to the House only a few minutes away.

The entrance is quite imposing and you find yourself in a large hall. After watching the video we then went upstairs and admired the very unusual decor, not to my taste but certainly different. there are loads of rooms to explore, my favourite was the Library.
We then went into the gardens and a huge vista opened up looking down to the town of Tiverton. 

Many of the plants had gone over due to the recent very hot weather and they were a little disappointing. We were told there are 46 volunteer gardeners and six regular ones. A huge task to keep everything in pristine condition.
Hedges of Yew, neatly cut and a large pond with Koi Carp and covered with water lilies in flower.

The walled in kitchen garden was full of various flowers and vegetables, all organically grown and there were large numbers of butterflies and bees. 
Here are a few of the flowers
We then made our way back to the old stables 

As  in other NT properties, there are many plants on sale and I bought 3 looking strong and healthy and only £6 each. A pink Echinacea and two Rubeckias, one orange and one yellow.
We will go again as  we would like to explore the parkland. There were several families enjoying picnics and the grounds are so large you can easily find a quiet spot to sit and reflect.

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