Wednesday, 26 August 2009


Since joining this blogging family I have noted how so many people love collecting and making things  to display in their beautiful homes and I have been struck by the difference in style between here, in the UK and the USA. That is a sweeping generalisation I know but most of my friends and neighbours have followed the trend to de – clutter ( at the expense of bulging attics and garages!)

Now retired my aim is to minimise all unnecessary housework, which I hate, and to have more time to do what I enjoy such as painting, my grand children, photography,  gardening, reading, trips out to the countryside, etc.etc. and I thought you might like to see some photos of our sitting room  having recently redecorated.

I am not entirely happy with it yet, my pictures are still in a pile in my office waiting for Mike to get his drill out ( more mess) and for hard decisions to be made as to what is going back on the walls.

fireplace 2The only piece we have put up is this acrylics on canvas which I painted to bring the design of the wallpaper on the chimney breast into the dining area.


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  1. Looks wondeful, how can you not be 'entirely' happy!
    Love the idea of less work and more play...the work will always be there but the grandchildren will grow up before you know it, make the most of them while they still want to know you!!

  2. It's been too long since I sat at your table, eating fish & chips!!! House looks lovely, as always, and I know you have always enjoyed contemporary decor. Your painting is great. I agree we all need to de-clutter but it's hard to get rid of stuff that has memories attached especially.

    I try to not buy knick knacks any more - instead larger items that make a statement. Of course I rarely buy anything new these days prefering to recycle vintage from the second-hand shops. I found my dining room chandelier complete with loads of crystals just yesterday...............I'd been looking for ages. It's very French country looking which, as you know, is what I gravitate towards nowadays! Once it's hanging I'll show you. It was my gift to myself as I've had a health scare but thankfully was told yesterday I'm OK. Phew - a relief, this means of course I now have to get down to some serious housework - everything has been on hold! Like you Jeanni, I'd rather be out in the country with my camera!!!

    Love ya, and Mike - Mary.


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