Friday, 14 August 2009


As our flight on Sunday was cancelled, several reasons given but who knows why, we were taken to Treasure Island in Las Vegas  for the night & given a free dinner & breakfast but no booze!
I felt like cutting my throat but didn't have the strength – my cough just got worse & worse until I was afraid to move. Bitterly cold in L V too which didn't help.Can you believe it? SNOW in Las Vegas?

 Las Vegas gets heaviest snow fall in 30 years

What had I done this time to upset the Gods I wondered.
So, to continue the Saga -
We waited outside the hotel for a coach to pick us up - no one told us where to wait & so many people panicking about getting home. Coach arrived on time & we climbed aboard. Eventually a Virgin rep turned up to say flight was overbooked by 150 and she wanted volunteers to stay another night and we would get a free round trip to anywhere Virgin fly apart from OZ. Not much response to that on the coach so we eventually left for the airport & arrived to see a large queue in front of us.

Never mind I say, Virgin have a dedicated check in Quote - PREMIUM EXPERIENCE

The Premium Economy experience is not just about what happens onboard, it begins and ends at the airport:

  • Dedicated Premium Economy Check In, if you haven't already checked in online and dedicated bag drop.
  • Priority boarding and priority disembarkment

But no, No dedicated check - in for us posh people in Premium Class so I kicked off until the cough got the better of me and we joined the snake also now beginning to panic. Oh, I forgot to say it was cold &

R A I N I N G!
Chris & I decided to wait in the Premium queue just in case someone turned up to man it & that WAS a good move because we were first when it did open. Given our boarding passes we relaxed a bit & settled down for a 6 hour wait for the plane.
Virgin continued to try to get people to stay behind and several who had checked in their bags eventually agreed which meant that their bags had to be found delaying things even more.
Eventually boarded plane over an hour late and thought - Thank God we're off in a minute but no – the captain announces that 2 people needed seats urgently & upped the offer to first class travel next day. This was accepted quite quickly but by now all bags on the plane so another delay whilst they (again) sorted through all the  cases! I think it was another 45 mins before we finally taxied to the runway & then - UP, UP & AWAY!

Plane packed everywhere although more comfortable upstairs thank God but the air con & pressure made my cough even worse & I didn't stop the whole night including a couple of bad bouts of choking, spitting & reams of snot everywhere. Stewardess made me a hot toddy but nothing helped and I felt so embarrassed. Mind you - Mike slept thru most of it!
On the subject of embarrassment - I WET myself. At first it wasn't too bad - just a dribble here & there but I couldn't control it due to the coughing & ended up soaked. Took my knickers off but jeans sodden - only pleased I had put on dark ones & not the light pair. What with paper stuffed up my nose & my ****** I now know how a turkey feels.
We get to Gatwick early as strong following wind only to be told there is fog & we would have to circle for about an hour by which time I was ready to just jump without a parachute!
On a good note - luggage arrived quickly & we got out of Gatwick after taking an interesting ( not) tour of the car parks. Where did you leave it Deryck? Where?
Fortunately I had blanket in Chris's car so sat on that rather than ruin her seat and we drove home via the 303 & got in about 5/ 5.30. I was straight in the shower & then to bed.
Went to the doctor’s  next day  - chronic bronchitis was diagnosed & I was prescribed steroids again but SO PLEASED to be home.

BTW, no cigarettes now FOR 8 MONTHS and this time I guess I must stay off them - it just ain't worth it.

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  1. Yep! Having lived in Vegas for six years now, I confirm! It darn snows here! I even made a snowman this year!


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