Sunday, 30 May 2010

Day 2 – Nerja

What a pretty little town/village. Full of little white pristine cottages covered in gloriously coloured bougainvillea, from the palest pink to the deepest purple and occasionally a soft tangerine colour.

It was a fiesta day, the towns people were escorting a statue from the church in the main square up to some caves on the outskirts of town.

Most  of the locals were dressed in traditional Spanish clothes, the men wore braces and had a red neckerchief around their necks and, unusually, caps on their heads. some of the women were dressed the same – not sure why.


039 062

The children were beautifully dressed as you can see.

060 064 066

The girls and ladies wore flamboyant dresses of every colour and pattern you could imagine. All were very tight skimming over their hips then falling in a cascade of frills. some down to the ground but many were shorter – to the calf. They had traditional dancing shores on their feet or espadrilles and they all walked, danced, sang behind a cart or van which carried the smaller children and no doubt their lunch and liquid refreshments! In fact many seemed very merry soon after leaving the church!

059 075

We discovered on the way home just how far they had to walk – several miles up hill to the caves where they celebrated with a BBQ and more dancing and singing.

We found our friends favourite bar – Cochrane's, set down a narrow little road off the square beautiful  decorated with different coloured pebbles.

049 055

The bar overlooked the sea and was very pleasant.

042 045 067

We had a good walk around the town and sat in the square enjoying a beer and people watching.Then we made our way slowly up the narrow streets back to the car. I did stop and buy Phe a Spanish dress and flower for her hair- pink ( of course) and white. In the shop there was a small yellow bird, no idea what it was, happily walking around on the counter and then being lovingly stroked by the owner. When Lynne spotted it she jumped and was out of the shop like lightening. i had no idea she was afraid of birds.

Back home to pre dinner drinks ( except for Mike) and a dinner of pork medallions on a cream sauce a la Barry. Very nice.


  1. I stopped to see you PS post and got sidetracked by your beautiful trip pictures. LOVE IT!

    (And I liked you classy PS post as well!

    So sorry for the belated visit! I realize I'm two days late (and a dollar short, haha!) but there are so many pinks and so little time over this holiday weekend when relatives are visiting! Happy Belated PS!)

    Enjoy your trip!

    In Shoes We Trust,
    Maggie @
    "Do these shoes match this purse?"

  2. I enjoy your post JJ. Thank you for sharing.
    Happy Pink Saturday. Have a great weekend.


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