Tuesday, 4 May 2010

A day in the life of – little old me

I'm not sure about the guys, most of those I know just never ever see a mess but I, especially when not feeling my best, see all the jobs which need doing.

Yesterday after a week of bronchitis I thought I would give the sitting room a quick dust. Well, that was until I looked in the office - O.M.G. not been tidied or cleaned for weeks and weeks as I rarely use it now I have a laptop.

Our house guest had been using it, Toby uses the PC and Phoebe's dolls cot, pushchair, pram, high chair etc. etc had been piled in there and all the pictures I took down when decorating were in a heap in a corner.

With a big intake of breath I started, first putting all the frames in a big cardboard box which I got from the loft after a hike up the stairs. Found the biggest blackest spider under the frames - dead thank goodness, probably choked on the dust.

Cleaned out that corner and put box plus frames back.Rattan chair placed carefully in front to hide said frames.

In the opposite corner of the office were more pictures and frames which joined the others leaving another corner to clean . Another graveyard - this time full of woodlice. Table pulled out, down on hands and knees to thoroughly clean the floor and then a sit down was needed.

Dragging myself back into the room I decided to move Phoebe's stuff but before I could I had to make room for it in a cupboard.

Over to the cupboard......throw out spares for the Dyson which went to the tip months ago - try and sell those I think to myself. Call Mike for assistance and he removes unwanted items to the utility room.

Remember this for later.

Cupboard now has some spare capacity so all Phoebe's stuff joins her toys in the cupboard apart form the high-chair. Another sit down.

Back to the office, tidy all my artwork, brushes, paint, easel and paper which leaves me loads of room to put some empty baskets. They are empty - but not for long I guess.

Clean the surfaces, empty the overflowing bins, throw out old telephone directories ( no less than 5) and dust the book case.

Now huffing & puffing so loud that Mike offers to hoover when I've finished I take another little rest and a well deserved cup of tea. These are the times I really miss a ciggy but hey, it's 18 months since I stopped smoking and I feel so much better for it - don't I? NO!

One more trip into the office to move the TV onto the now bare looking table, close all the doors on the cupboards, clean the window sill and then stand back and admire the  final effect.

Looks great, I think but it won't last long - better take a photo or two for posterity and here they are.001





PS - what have I done today apart from look after Phe? ...........nothing.00 

What will I do tomorrow? The Utility room?

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  1. No before pictures JJ? Yes I am joking, I wouldn't take those either. One thing I do get when I clear up is great satisfaction to see everywhere so tidy. Your office space looks lovely. Sorry you haven't been feeling well and hope it won't be long before you're all better.


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