Sunday, 30 May 2010


Fly off to Spain tomorrow.

Yes, our flight is due to leave Exeter at 10.a.m. tomorrow for Malaga but it is looking more & more doubtful.

According to the News Spanish airports are affected by the volcanic ash cloud although we, in the U.K. are clear.

I must confess to being a little disappointed not least because we have paid for our accommodation but safety must come first and our trip is not important.

What does surprise me is that contacting the airport and the  airline is not easy and no provision appears to have been made for extra staff to answer queries or to open the phone lines any earlier. We cannot phone before 8 a.m. which is difficult as we must leave home before then.

For the first time we have hired a taxi  to and from the airport just in case we do get to Spain but coming home  is delayed. Incurring extra car parking costs is unnecessary. A happy find actually as it is cheaper to get a taxi than pay for two weeks parking. Bonus.

So, we wait, I won’t be packing until later tonight, just in case, but if we don’t go – we don’t. Many more people will have their plans disrupted with huge impact on their lives whereas, we will just have our holiday delayed.

In the great scheme of things, nothing more than a minor irritation.

Our friend Lynne was delayed in Australia and eventually got home after a 46 hour journey via Singapore &  Frankfurt ,where she had an 8 hour wait, on her own.

No, I’m not complaining – honest!

Thursday morning, still no news so we tried to be positive and made all the last minute arrangements.

Taxi turned up on time and we had a pleasant trip to the airport without any holdups at Kingskerswell as there normally is. It was looking too good.

Arrived in departures, no hiccups and were on our plane by 10.10a.m. only a few minutes late. Quite a bumpy ride up through the clouds but very fast and arrived right on time. Luggage waiting when we got to the carousel and friends waiting to whisk us away to Torrox.

Weather not brilliant, overcast and a few spots of rain on the windscreen but we were here so no longer worried about the volcano.

Nice flat, 2 beds, 2 bathrooms and a large balcony overlooking the sea on the side.

 109 108 107


Next day was dry and sunny but sooooooooooo windy, The washing blew over on the balcony and we certainly would not be eating al fresco.

We drove up into the hills to Old Torrox. A mass of white buildings set in the lea of the mountains. Then up on to ???? where we walked around the village, full everywhere you looked with pots and flowers stunning.


We came across a fantastic cemetery where  the coffins are placed on top of each other to form a wall. each one has a dedication written on it and all were covered with brightly coloured artificial flowers.




I was not sure whether I should take photos, would it be offensive to anyone I wondered? However, no one was around so I did and here they are. It must be marvellous to be so loved and honoured but your family in this way.

As we were leaving the wind, which was already very strong, became even stronger, screaming through the trees and creating a dust cloud which blew directly in our faces.  The spirits had not liked their pictures taken – sorry.


Right up in the mountains it was very Frio – Brrr to say the least so we had lunch inside a traditional Spanish restaurant.

We ordered a mixture of Tapas which was cheese, olives, mackerel, prawns,ham and anchovies with fresh crusty bread. We ordered a side of chips which was huge and thoroughly enjoyed this impromptu meal.

Back down to the coast past beautiful wild flowers hugging the rocks, purple and pink and yellow daisy like flowers. Guess who for got her camera?

Dinner was a pick and mix of cheese and ham and salad, I was very hungry and made a pig of myself with the olives.

After quite a busy day Lynne and I went off to bed whilst the boys poured themselves a whisky or two,Three.Four …………… you get the idea.

They got very loud, laughing and playing Barry’s iplayer and then there was an enormous crash. That’s the damage deposit gone I thought.

Eventually Mike appeared. Very unsteady on his feet and giggling.

He staggered to the wall, which held him up whilst he took his clothes off and then collapsed into bed.Within seconds he was snoring and I turned over to go to sleep. Then all hell broke loose, he woke up choking, gonna be sick he says so I run to the kitchen – no bowls or buckets so I picked up the carrier bags. He was sitting on the side of the bed swaying quite dangerously when I placed the bag in his lap.

Three hours later it finally stopped and after his umpteenth apology he fell asleep. That was after I had stripped the cover off the duvet, the pillowcases off the pillows and the sheets off the bed. All plonked in the bath to soak. Washed the floor, moved the rug and fell into my bed. 4.05 A.M. GREAT!

Here endeth the first day.


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