Friday, 4 March 2011

28 February 2011

We’re Coming home ! Awoke to blue skies and sunshine and a wicked Northeast wind and as the morning progressed more and more white horses appeared. At one time we were along side a boat dipping and diving into the waves but apart from a slight motion, we felt nothing.
There are always loads to do  on board and today we went to a lecture about the Death of Princess Diana given by a guy called Julian Bray. I expected him to hedge his bets and give the pros and cons of the way she died but right from the off he presented a convincing argument for her having been assassinated, probably by the English establishment or possibly the Americans who were upset by her Land mine campaign.Very Interesting indeed.
We then looked in on a quiz entitled Battle of the Sexes. Two teams had been competing daily during the voyage and the men were just in the lead. The quizmaster – Justin is very funny, a dry sense of humour and the occasional “not too bad” swearword made for a humorous contest between men and women. That session ended with the women in the lead. I got the feeling Justin was deliberately engineering the scores to keep it a tight contest.
imageUpstairs in the Pyramid Lounge there were classes on Rock & Roll dancing. The teachers were past their sell by date and when the guy appeared with the shape of two feet on poles to demonstrate the positions I collapsed laughing. Absolutely ridiculous and how anyone learnt anything I don’t know. The tiny dance floor was packed with overspill onto the carpet and without a doubt everyone there had never ever danced before. I suppose I shouldn't laugh but it was funnier than most of the entertainment on stage.
Formal dinner tonight and black & white suggested. Easy for Mike in hid dinner jacket but I had to be a bit creative. In the end I wore my long black skirt with a pleated black top and my favourite white shirt as a jacket.
The show was a tribute band – Bee Gees. No thanks, could not stand all that screeching so we went for a drink in the Olive & Twist bar on deck 14 and then to bed. On the way we saw the street party going on in the Royal Parade – looked hectic but obviously popular with many.
Two more days to go …………………….

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