Sunday, 13 March 2011

Spring in Torquay

One of those perfect spring days today, clear blue skies and warm sunshine made even me want to get out and about.
We headed for Torquay harbour . Here is the new boardwalk with the “Ring of confidence” . Not sure what it is supposed to represent -  lets go Google it. Nothing!

In this photo you can just see, behind The Harvester Pub,  the netting covering The Living Coasts Exhibits which are part of Paignton Zoo. It contains many penguins living “ wild” and other wildlife from around the world’s coastlines. The netting I assume is to stop the other birds escaping.
Here is the new bridge which crosses the harbour and which I think is an attractive addition. It can be raised to allow bigger boats to pass and is part of the project to make the harbour always full, no longer tidal.
I’m not sure what this pile of nets is doing. It looks a mess and there are very few (if any) fishing boats in the harbour. Perhaps it adds some authenticity to the area? Nope.

People enjoying lunch al Fresco whilst they can despite the cold wind.
The clock tower has been given a makeover as has the Art Deco Queens Hotel behind – now apartments.
Here  are some well known landmarks especially for Mary and Denise
MACARI’s Coffee Shop where we used to meet and play the Juke Box in the late 50’s.
The Old 400 Club where all the sailors used to go and I was not allowed. ( But I went anyway!)
The Tudor Rose Cafe
Finally, the Georgian terrace known as Beacon Terrace with beautiful iron balconies .058


  1. Jean, I'm even more homesick now............but wait, I'll be there to see it all before you know it! Please pray for nice dry, sunny weather for our visit - I have a feeling the prior week in the Lake District/Scotland might be cool and damp!

    Lovely pics - new camera perhaps?

    We arrive in TQY Fri. May 13 by train. You haven't told me if you will be home then so we made a reservation at the Meadfoot B&B again, and then a week at Hesketh in the same apt. we've rented before. Looking forward to seeing you - hopefully you'll be around that week, would hate to miss you and Mike.

    Hugs -Mary (and Bob who's in the air again today heading for LA!)

  2. Oh my, what a great and thoroughly enjoyable post Jean. Thanks so much. Loved all your pictures immensely. Though I lived along the old ring road, I worked in Torquay for ten years and it was so much fun to see the old landmarks but the old ones too.


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