Friday, 4 March 2011

27th February 2011 - Cadiz

A beautiful city surrounded by the sea on 3 sides and joined to the mainland by a narrow isthmus.

After Gibraltar neither of us felt very energetic and at first thought a trip to Seville would be good as we have been to Cadiz before. We did wonder why our stay was such a long one and then discovered to get to Seville was a an hour and three quarters each way so allowing for the inevitable queuing and loading it was likely to be a couple of hours each way. Too long and too far.

So, we got on an open top tour bus and were happy to sit inside even though it was sunny as, judging by Barcelona, it gets very chilly upstairs. We were driven mainly around the outskirts as the medieval streets in the centre hardly accommodate cars let alone double decker buses.

There are two very long pristine beaches along the Atlantic coast where all the Spaniards were strutting their stuff along the prom  in their Sunday best. They would probably meet up with family  and friends in the afternoon for a long leisurely lunch. What with siestas I reckon the Spanish have got it about right. A great lifestyle.We enjoyed it so much and it only took an hour that we went around twice but did not hop off as there few buses that day and we might have a lengthy wait.

Back to the boat for lunch in the Windjammer, a nap for me ( another bloody migraine) and Mike went to the library to read.

only four of us for dinner tonight the other six did not show. The fruit starter was dreadful  and we told Oddjob ( the head waiter lookalike) and he was a bit miffed but thanked us for our “feedback”. The food in the restaurant is not as good as when we started and there are obvious signs of cutting back. Not surprising when the trip was so cheap.

After dinner Mike went to the Big Band show in the theatre but, post migraine, I gave it a miss. He said it was really very good.

Another day gone and one nearer getting home.

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