Wednesday, 1 June 2011

The First Lilies This Year



Stunning blooms from some very cheap plants bought from B & Q.last year. I buy most of my plants from there as they are usually in very good condition and a reasonable price. In fact I bought some more last week, six for £5.99. I also bought plants for my summer baskets and pots and perennials for the garden.

There are places which are cheaper but many of the plants appear neglected. I hate to see them left to wither and die as we have a responsibility to all living things.

You might notice that the plants bottom right have not flowered; that is because the birds ate the buds because the plant was under the bird feeder! Won’t make that mistake again!

I had an unusual burst of energy this week and potted up 4 baskets, three tubs and several perennial plants in a front border.

Because it was so cold I transferred everything into the utility room


Regretted it afterwards as I ended up washing everything = I am a messy worker.

 garden 007garden 009

A few leftovers put in the ‘nursery’ in case something fails.

garden 010

I repotted Fred and Tom by the front door with some new guinea impatiens Chose mostly pink flowers this year – will see how they turn out. later.

garden 001

.The pansies have done well despite the very dry weather we have had. These plants were also from B&Q.

garden 004

Finally, here is the WIP – a front border facing the front door. I bought the Lupins from The Eden Project and liked the way they were potted in sisal pots; you plant the whole thing – no plastic pots to dispose of. As I cannot dig anymore I am doing it a bit at a time hopefully filling the bed with perennials so that little has to be done in yeas to come apart from weeding.

garden 003

Will photograph it all again in a few weeks time. Watch this space.


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  1. Beautiful plants and flowers and a lot of hard work I'm sure. Just love Fred and Tom. Do you think they would like to have a holiday on my doorstep :)


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