Sunday, 10 July 2011

Goodbye Baltic–Hello the North Sea

Yes, time to make our way home after a memorable cruise to a perfect Scandinavian Summer and not the frozen north as we feared. Apart from rain one day in Germany, we had warmth and sunshine and HEAT in Copenhagen and Stockholm.
Back on board I took a few more photos -  our favourite lounge fro pre dinner cocktails during Happy Hour.
eurodamilminster 001
See the flowers on the left? Fresh lilies and they were everywhere. Truly beautiful flowers were in every corner and, in the Lido restaurant, real orchids on every single table.
orchid 4
The Atrium bar below
eurodamilminster 002
Pre dinner snacks with cocktails
eurodamilminster 004
As all my friends know I have always been very anti – veal and they have teased me about it for years. However, having learnt that it is humanely produced now I thought I would give it a try. This is one of the advantages of a cruise, there is always new foods to try and if you don't like them you order something else.
Here is a veal chop I ordered! It was the size of a T bone steak and almost 2 inches thick.
eurodamilminster 006
This grotesque piece of meat was too much for me and, after trying a little sliver, I was suddenly full up. The waiter was most concerned that I did not eat it or have something else but it was just too much.
On the other hand, Mike tried most steaks on the menu and every single one was juicy and tender even though he likes them well done. I did have the fillet with the lobster thermidor and can vouch for it’s tenderness but the lobster got my vote. I really don’t think meat and fish go together – do you?
eurodamilminster 010

eurodamilminster 009Prawn cocktail anyone?
The last night the staff put on a show whilst also serving dinner – they really seemed to enjoy it. Time to let their hair down a little as they work 11 hours a day, 7 days a week for 10 months and then …………………. get 2 months off.
eurodamilminster 019eurodamilminster 024
eurodamilminster 026eurodamilminster 020
Our waiters and Miss Antoinette – our bar steward. Very nice people indeed.
eurodamilminster 029eurodamilminster 027
eurodamilminster 007
After a quick trip to the theatre to catch the last show it was back to room 8013 for the last night. A little choppy in the north sea tonight but certainly not rough. A wonderful calm cruise from start to finish. Apart from the ……………………
C O U G H !
Finally, a map of where we have been in 12 days. Amazing.

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  1. Well, I have been through all your holiday photos now, and what an absolutely great time you had. Sorry about the cough though. Murphy's Law isn't it to get a bug on holiday? Glad to see it didn't stop you getting out and about though. These really are the most marvelous photos. Thanks for sharing them all.


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