Sunday, 10 July 2011

St. Petersburg Russia–3rd July WITH PHOTOS

The land of snow, cold and fur coats! No, not today – 85F today and clear blue skies.

Another bad night both coughing and watching the ship leave the sea and enter the Neva river; it doesn’t get properly dark so it’s very difficult to know what time it is.
Most people have gone ashore today so it’s very quiet and I went in the pool on my own after lunch.
The Russian air force put on an air display just for us -
We are going tomorrow and hope it won’t be quite so hot; we have a 3 hour coach tour followed by 3 hours on our own to see the sights. Hopefully much more attractive than this port area which is full of high tenements, building work and industries.
We went to watch Wimbledon on a big screen and were given strawberries and cream as we sat down – lovely. The screen was a bit blurry though and then is American football player, 7 ft. tall and 2o+ stone sat right in front of me. After telling him what an ignorant man he was we decided to go back and watch it in our cabin as it is a decent sized flat screen.
As well as the cough, I have pulled a muscle in my side so as well as making a noise coughing I also let out a little whimper and clutch my side at the same time.Good job Swan Lake was cancelled.
The food on this boat is fabulous. I missed breakfast so had salad again for lunch when I spotted some roast beef being carved. I asked for a slice – the guy could not believe I didn’t want anything with it but, it was the best beef I have ever tasted. Tonight we are slumming  it in the self service restaurant as we are too late for dinner in the main dining room  plus we don’t want 4 courses!
I have had half a bottle of red with dinner each night and Mike has had one Vodka and tonic so not too much on our bar bill.
It’s 7 p.m here, 4p.m. at home and just as we decide to go to dinner, Rafa makes a comeback so it could be room service tonight. We had tea and toast this morning at 4.20 -  great service.
Tomorrow hopefully I will have some fab fotos of St. Petersburg to show you.BFN.

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