Sunday, 10 July 2011


Awoke to clear blue skies – no not strictly true. We had in fact been awake most of the night coughing in unison. This virus is really nasty, no wonder Ollie has been poorly for nearly 3 weeks. We were sitting on our balcony at 3 in the morning , hardly dark, watching other boats going our way but much slower.copenhagen 005

Mike went up for breakfast whilst I still tried to get some sleep before going ashore at lunchtime. No chance!

We booked a coach tour and canal tour of Copenhagen and it was beautiful. A lovely city –, very clean but overrun with bikes going every which way. I would hate to drive here.

Our coach driver was a handsome blue eyed blonde and our guide- wasn’t!

copenhagen 112copenhagen 027

First stop was of course The Little Mermaid -

copenhagen 020copenhagen 023

Strangely tucked away from the town and not too overwhelming it has to be said.

We drove around the town past various historical buildings and everywhere looked very clean and tidy. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky  and it was getting hotter by the minute. Although we were sitting right behind the driver it was difficult to get any great photos as the reflection from the glass and the huge wing mirrors got in the way. Let me see what I can find worth showing -

copenhagen 028copenhagen 029

copenhagen 034copenhagen 036

Then it was down to the canal boat

copenhagen 038copenhagen 042

Lots of very low narrow bridges to navigate

copenhagen 075copenhagen 084

copenhagen 087copenhagen 088

Houseboats moored on both sides of the canals

copenhagen 064copenhagen 065

copenhagen 066copenhagen 073

An old lightship

copenhagen 081copenhagen 078

copenhagen 070copenhagen 076

copenhagen 010copenhagen 091


Back on land just time to visit the Winter Palace where the Queen of Denmark stays only in the winter. We watched the changing of the guard – not quite like it is in London

copenhagen 097copenhagen 099

copenhagen 096copenhagen 109

Mike in front of a huge yacht – aptly named.

Back on the coach – and pleased to be. and then to put our feet up.

copenhagen 111copenhagen 013

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