Tuesday, 27 December 2011


I slept until after nine and too tired and lazy to go for breakfast – Mike had already been and had his. I have put the DND card in the door and Sense & Sensibility

had just started. My ideal start to a “ tired day”. We have an ‘exclusive lunch invitation today at 12 for members so We will go to that – more champagne – what a bore!

Hopefully I will catch up with this later but there is a lot going on today.

The lunch was brilliant – we expected a buffet but it was a sit down meal with champagne wine or whatever you wanted. There is no way we will eat dinner tonight.

After lunch we went to a show in the theatre – it was Amanda Russell singing “diva” songs. She has a very powerful voice with an enormous range but not to my taste although Mike liked her – she looked a bit like Farrah Fawcett! Then, at the other end of the ship was the annual tug of war match between various staff teams and a couple of guests teams. It was, surprisingly very funny not least because of the quick witty comments from Joff Eaton. He is a very accomplished guy and puts in loads of hours. He did mention today he does 17 hours a day and that is believable.

I had a quick trip around the boat to photograph some of the Christmas decorations -


Whoops – not those deccies!























The chefs won the men's contest and a vey ‘big’ team for housekeeping won for the ladies. They all had thighs the size of tree trunks but obviously fit. Back here now to the cabin to get ready for dinner! walking BACK ALONG THE OPEN DECK IT IS MARKEDLY COLDER – WE ARE ON OUR WAY HOME.

We Did go to the dining room for dinner but only managed to pick at it as we were still full from lunch.

The show was really good, a young boy band called ZOOT ( WHY?). They played 60’s music and for the first time this cruise they were the first act to do an encore.


I’m sorry to say that we did not make the Quest Show at 10.45 despite my good intentions. We went back to the cabin, were in bed in five minutes and I could hear myself snoring almost straight away. Maybe next year.



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