Monday, 22 June 2009

Where to Begin?

As I have already uploaded my Desert picture I will continue with that theme. I just love colour - content comes second with most of my work.

This one is titled - Three Trees + one

Continuing the African Theme - Celebration

Market Place

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  1. You have really created some awesome art Jean - I especially love Market Place - reminds me of my favorite outdoor markets in Aix-en-Provence, Lourmarin and Apt, France. I followed the market trail in Provence last October - such a fabulous experience!

    Thanks for your kind comments about my blog. Come over a leave a comment on a post of mine, that way people will have your link and can get back to you!

    I'm missing Devon - it was so beautiful there this last trip. I'm seriously thinking of coming for 3-4 weeks next Spring, perhaps alone as DH is too busy to be away that long - plus you know how he hates being in one place for long! Are you up for B&B by chance? That way I would get to spend more time with you and M - I'd love that!

    Have a fab week - hope you're feeling better.


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