Thursday, 25 June 2009


It's that time of year when I fight my other half for the big cumfy chair in front of the wide screen TV. Normally, I'm not bothered but Wimbledon is my all time favourite sporting event and to sit in absolute comfort, feet up, with a glass of merlot or shiraz in one hand and some cashew nuts in the other is my idea of heaven. I am currently watching Andy Murray playing Gulbis and, although it's a bit onesided ( Murray's side) it is beautiful tennis. Grace, power and a good natured crowd makes a lovely summer specatacle. McEnroe is commentating and is as blunt and cynical as they come but very entertaining to listen to. It is obvious that he has a poor impression of Gulbis who has just hit his first successful drop shot after umpteen attempts.
Two sets to Murray.
And then it was - Game, Set & Match
6 : 2, 7: 5, 6 : 3. E a s y !!!

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