Sunday, 21 June 2009

Jeanni Says Hi!

As I spend so much time on my laptop creating various works of art and friends say -

You should publish ( kind friends that they are) I thought I could upload some bits & pieces to see if there is any interest.

Not that I'm bothered as I just love digital art and find it so expressive.

This is a drawing of my baby grand daughter.

I started several years ago manipulating photos mainly of flowers and then progressed to landscapes and seascapes.

Since then I have tried many different subjects and I get a real kick out of making personal, sometimes VERY personal, cards for my friends and family.

These are sometimes painted or drawn, cartoon like and seem to give a lot of pleasure to the recipients.

That is all I ask - I don't do it for money I do it out of love and affection for those around me who have supported in many different ways over the years.

If you see anything you like, want me to do a personal card or picture just for you - please let me know.

In addition, if you have some constructive criticsm - shout it loud & clear. I'm big enough & ugly enough to take it - I hope!



  1. Hi Jean - what a nice surprise! Welcome to blogland, it's gonna be quite a roller coaster will never be the same, ha! ha!

    I have been blogging for over two years now and have made some great friends, some locally and we have fun getting together often here in North Carolina. Others are 'virtual friends' in towns and cities around the world - and I've even met a few of them in person during my travels.

    Your art is great - certainly different and very colorful. My only suggestion re: your blog template is, have you tried another background color? Perhaps your images would show up even better on a lighter background. Just a thought - you can always change back if you don't like it!

    Sure old friend, I'll add you to my blog! Do you write Phoebe's blog? It's really cute - Jasmin looked through it the other day and enjoyed seeing 'the boys'.

    Hugs - Mary ACROSS THE POND

  2. Hey Sweetie,
    My favourite painting of yours that I've seen so far is the one of the ladies in hats - I love it - wish you'd make one of ladies all in red hats - white and black ladies...all kinds of women wearing red hats - love you, MaggieBlue


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