Monday, 29 June 2009

Summervale – Our Home

It is coming up to the eighth anniversary of our move to this house – almost a record. The only place we lived longer was Shorton Road. When we viewed this property I had made up my mind as soon as I saw the garden. viewFirst was the view over the town to the sea..We back on to a large woodland with distant views of the bay. It is peaceful and quiet apart from the bird song. A favourite pastime is watching the buzzards soar overhead looking for their next meal.

house 3

The house faces south to take in the view so it is the rear of the property you see as you come down the drive. We (yes, the Royal WE) added the dormer to make two large bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs.


There is a large carport on the side of the garage which houses a lot of my gardening paraphernalia and loads of rubbish too but it’s handy to park the car there when it’s raining. Keeps us dry.


Through the carport and turn right you come to the back patio outside the kitchen. This is where I feed the birds, hang my washing and where we sit for coffee on windier days.


Looking south from the patio you can just see the ponds which is where I meditate and is very special.

P1000478 6x4

At this time of year it is full of beautiful damsel flies looking to mate and lay eggs on the lily pads


The rear garden is mainly shrubs all of which seem to flower in Spring giving a welcome splash of colour after the grey winter.

hot july day

Our favourite area is the deck which runs the length of the house and catches the sun from morning til night.


We live out here in the summer and I cannot think of anywhere I would rather be on a warm sunny summer’s day. Just like today.

Time now to go and enjoy the view with a glass of red wine. Come with me – it’s HEAVEN.


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  1. Late with my comments dear, have been having such a great time in New England. Foggy, wet weather first couple of days but fabulous now.

    Your know how I LOVE it, especially the view and garden.
    Jasmin remembered it all - playing with Sam below the deck - remember you gave her rubber gloves to stroke him because of her allergies! She's outgrown them thank goodness.


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