Thursday, 24 February 2011

21 February 2011

Arrived In Livorno Italy this morning to blue skies and sunshine. Went into town on the boat’s shuttle bus and then got on a bus to the railway station. The bus was packed and it was impossible to get to the driver so we never bought a ticket. Neither did the couple we were with.

At the Station the train to Pisa was due to leave and we were told we could get a ticket on the train. Platform 5 it said on the board but when we got there someone told us platform 3. We crossed over, there were 12 of us tourists by then and got on the train. We were not sure where we were going but after 15 minutes we arrived in Pisa. Off the train  we got and headed for the exit expecting at any minute to be asked for our tickets – but we walked out of the station again having not paid. Terrible eh?

We asked directions to the tower and walked and walked through narrow street after narrow street beginning to think we had been deliberately sent the wrong way but no, we turned a comer and there it was. glistening in the sunlight and leaning over at a terrific angle. Much more than we expected. We walked around the square looking at the church and the cathedral and had a large beer in a pavement cafe. I had a small pasta – tagliatelli  and bolognaise sauce which was good. No one else was hungry.

Then back on the bus 2.5 euros each to the station. This time we bought tickets and got on the Rome train getting off in Livorno. A bus back from the station to the square where the shuttle bus was waiting. An enjoyable day. I have just been in the hot tub , come back to the cabin to type up this blog and Mike is snoring on his bed. Bless.

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