Thursday, 24 February 2011

22 February 2011 – Roma

Today we decided to stay on board as we were tired from yesterday and the trip to Rome as a very long one. Takes 11/2 hours on a coach to get there. I am writing this two days alter and haven't a clue what we did during the day.

We did go to the dhow in the evening which was Zoe Tyler from Loose Women – what a fabulous singer and she performed well too. We bought her CD, wouldn’t have done if we had known it was 20 euros but they would not take it back.!

23 February 2011 – Napoli

Sound so romantic doesn’t it but apparently it very dangerous where the Mafia rule and you need eyes in the back of your head.

However, we had joined up with two other couples. One from Tasmania  and one from San Diego

( they are Chinese and on their honeymoon) ! We shared a 7 seater Mercedes van and our driver Marcello headed straight out of town. The outskirts were shabby and poor and such a contrast to Spain. Even the motorway, only one for the whole area was in disrepair and very congested.

Marcello was a mine of information and very proud of his area, he lives in Sorrento. He asked us what we wanted to do & we left it up to him so he avoided the tourist traps and drove us around the Amalfi Coast and stopped several times for photos. We drove through Sorrento , Amalfi and many other small towns until lunch time when he took us up into the Mountains for lunch. a typical Italian lunch he told us except it was only 2 courses instead of 5 and we were limited for time but a real Italian lunch takes hours.

He led us into what appeared to be someone’s home, a 13th century building and the dining room at the back had a fabulous view down to the sea. The “chef” showed us hoe prepared and cooked pizza in the open oven and whilst we waited for it we had wine and water.

The pizzas were huge and delicious and we managed to eat most of them washed down with quite rough red wine but I liked it.

Then Senora brought us limoncello and deserts – apple pie and limoncello cream pie – Mike loved them.

We were charged 10 euros each – very good value for money and then continued the tour whilst Marcello kept us all awake with his non stop commentary. Come the end we were fighting over the back seats as whoever sat next to him got earache after a while.

About 3.30 he dropped us off at Pompeii and introduced us to our guide who was muffled up with hat scarf gloves and a duvet type coat. He feels the cold we thought. Little did we know!!! There was a north east wing blowing and it was absolutely freezing. Mike only had his cardigan and me my new jacket. The others were mores sensibly dressed.

Pompeii IS AMAZING and we were all blown away by what we saw and it was so hard to believe it was 2000 years old. Far more intact than I expected and having a guide brought it to life. He showed us various building and explained what they were & who would have lived there. We saw “mummified” bodies and even a mummified dog.

The scale of the buildings, especially some of the villas, and the Forum surprised us all. It was very quiet so there were no queues so that made up for the bitter cold wind.

At 5.15 the guide handed us back to Marcello who, still talking, took us back to the boat.

An amazing day which cost 450 euros for the car between six, 100 euros for the guide between six and we got into Pompeii for free as we are pensioners.

Too cold and tried to get ready for dinner in the dining room we ate in the Windjammer and headed for bed.

The ship set sail for Sardinia at 6.30 and I have to say I was woken up by the motion and the shuddering at 3.05 and was awake all night planning what to wear to keep me warm  if the alarm went etc. Not a good night.

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  1. Wonderful posts on your trip, enjoying it immensely.


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