Sunday, 27 February 2011

24th February 2011

And it must be Sardinia. Cagliari greeted us with sunshine as we crossed, very carefully across the dual carriageway of the main road. Quite an adventure I  can tell you. We had intended to explore the apparently beautiful beaches to the east of the town but again the north east wind was biting so we settled for a stroll and a wine in a pavement cafe facing the sun.

We have been there before so we didn’t sty too long but returned to the ship for some sun bathing and a dip in the pool.

The after dinner show was a Circus theme – umm, pretty dire although there were some who liked it. There were several acrobats who were quite good and the scenery was clever but it left us with the impression that it was rather unrehearsed. Still, it was free as is all the entertainment so no problem.

25th February 2011

we are coming home. A day at sea today as we leave the Med and sail into the Atlantic and head for Gibraltar. Another day of R & R  - quite exhausting. We sat in on a quiz, which was quite difficult and the woman won that one although the guys in that lead overall. Very enjoyable for a while.

Lunch in the dining room was delicious as always followed at 5 p.m. by another ice show.

It was terrific, we sat right beside the rink and felt part of the show. Pretty, sparkling costumes, clever routines performed by very talented skaters. To think they perform on a moving ship is all the more astounding.

Everyone turned up on our table for dinner tonight, two couples often prefer to eat in the Windjammer where you can choose anything or everything. Some people are so greedy it is unbelievable  They pile their plates as high as possible even though they can go back for more if they want. You also see them leaving with plates of more food under a serviette to eat in their cabins.

The Show tonight was a female comedienne – two guesses as if we went or not???

26th February 2011

Gibraltar, the Rock shines in the morning sun as we dock. We have decided to go up the cable car rather than see the baboons ( the hairy one’s that is not some of the other cruisers).

We walk the long walk into town ignoring the shuttle bus and the umpteen taxi's offering a ride up to the top. We arrived at the Moreno Glass shop and were again torn as to what we should buy. Fabulous wine glasses in every colour and design, large vases in bright colours of orange or blue or green ,some as much as £600 and then there is the jewellery. I drooled over some and just could not decide which I preferred. Lets leave it until later I said to Mike we can come back. We never did of course.

We asked directions to the cable car – a number 3 bus would take us there but it was fully booked for the day so no go.

It was a Saturday and the streets were crowded with tourists and locals and there was a better atmosphere than when we were last there. I bought some Ange au Demon perfume which I though was an absolute bargain until I got it back on the ship only to realise it was half the size I expected. Caught at last.

On the way back to the ship we stopped for a drink in a wine bar in Ocean Village, a pleasant complex on the water front of fairly new restaurants and pubs and shops. Then the long walk back to the ship and it was very hot.

We were too late for lunch so we ordered a snack from  Room service – waited 20 minutes and it appeared at the door. “ That can’t all be for us ” I said. “ Yes, Maam, just what you ordered. Enjoy “ he said and was gone.

The steak sandwich consisted of a perfectly cooked steak weighing around 6/7 ounces on a slice od sour dough bread covered in cheese and fresh tomato. Two onion rings and a side of chips( french fries) completed the dish.

The other sandwich was turkey and salad on chiabaccia (sp)  which was just huge.

Dessert. a raspberry cheesecake or chocolate pear tart. A pot of decent coffee and two packets of crisps. All free and delivered with a smile.Needless to say we did not go to dinner that night.

Elton john was on stage that evening and he was very good. The only impersonator endorsed by Elton himself. Very accomplished pianist although his costumes made him look like a clown.

Tomorrow off to Cadiz, our last port of call.

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  1. Catching up with your adventures dear - sounds like a very fun trip and you've certainly seen a lot of interesting places.

    Hope the seas are calmer on your return voyage!

    Hugs - Mary (and Bob - who has a terrible cold, and can you believe it was 88 degrees here yesterday, but very cold tonight, perfect weather for germs to multiply!).


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